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Vimeo Vs Youtube Quality

April 2, 2008 - By 

I recently posted some of my work on and I am very impressed with the quality over Youtube. The video quality is great of course and the full-frame ability is really fun, but it’s the quality of the comments that really took me by surprise. It seems that Vimeo has become a place to post and discuss your work and your passions. Youtube however, has become a place to post Saturday Night Live clips and unedited digicam footage of last night’s party. Check out the video quality compared to Youtube on these two films of mine and compare the video quality. Also, click through and see the quality of the comments between the two.

Slow Motion Water Balloon Throwing. from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

Notice how Vimeo keeps the skin tones looking warm, whereas Youtube has a tendency to blow out the skin tones and make everyone look too pink? Now that more people have hi-speed internet connection, it’s great to see the quality of video on the web get to a higher level.

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