Training: HDRI Link

What is HDRI Link?

HDRI Link helps you choose your lighting in Third Party Renderers quick and easy.

Speed up your Lighting workflow in Arnold, Octane and other third party renderers with HDRI Link from Greyscalegorilla. We combined 5 years of experience making HDRI workflows as simple as possible with Cinema 4D and have finally brought it to Octane, Arnold, And other Third Party Renders.

Choosing the right HDRI for your scene is often done by trial and error. HDRI Link makes this trial period as easy as a click.

Just link your sky light or dome light to HDRI Link and then choose from over 300 unique HDRIs in our Proprietary HDRI Browser. (HDRI Expansion Packs sold separately.)

Once you use HDRI Link, you won’t believe how fast it is to try out new Lighting and Reflections for your Cinema 4D Scene.

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