product training - Light Kit Pro

Welcome to the Light Kit Pro product training series. To install and use your new plugin, stream the video series below. For legacy versions (v1-2) scroll to the bottom of this page.

Light Kit Pro 3

Thank your for purchasing Light Kit Pro 3. In this training series, we are going to walk you through installation, and then show you all the incredible new features of your new plugin. Then will will hop into a series of creative tutorials teaching you some lighting techniques and best render settings. 

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Install and Features

In this first series of videos, we will walk you through the install process, and then dive into all the features of Light Kit Pro. We will cover the lights, cyc object, studio object, Light Kit Browser, building and saving studios, and Render Switch. 

Render Switch and Settings

An overview of the new Render Switch feature, and how to properly set up your render settings for Physical, Arnold, Octane, and Redshift. 

Product Lighting and Top 10 Features

This tutorial will teach you how to professional light products, showing you how we created a coffee maker render. Then, Chad highlights his Top 10 new features in Light Kit Pro 3. 

Light kit pro Legacy

Below is the original product training series for previous versions of this product, HDRI Light Kit Pro and Light Kit Pro 2. 

Install and Features