10 Best Cinema 4D Tutorials From Amateur Media

September 16, 2013

Alexander Alexandrov posted some great Cinema 4D and typography tutorials a while back on his great site, Amateurmedia.net. Recently, he started working with VideoCopilot.net and since then the Amateurmedia site has gone down. I have always thought his teaching style and sense of design was so great. So, I thought I would put a list of my favorite tutorials of his here on Greyscalegorilla.

Alexander’s tutorials focuses on great typography and well designed lighting. He even has his own typeface he made just for working with 3D type called Typograph Pro which you probably have seen me use constantly. Here are my favorite ten Cinema 4D tutorials from Alexander.

Natural and Unnatural Light In Cinema 4D


5 Things To Know About Typography


Metaball object in Cinema 4D Tutorial


Recreate Sherlock Holmes Title in Cinema 4D


Transformers Titles in Cinema 4D Tutorial


SLOW MoDynamics Cinema 4D Tutorial


Comedy Titles in Cinema 4D Tutorial


Iron Man 2 Titles in Cinema 4D


The MOD Look


5 Rules In Logo Design


Visit Alexander’s Vimeo Page

  • where is Alexander nick have idea ??

  • Those tutorials are just awesome! thanks GSG and thanks Nick.

  • arun(Rendermachine) September 16, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Great Effort …..Nick…And thanks for Alexander for sharing those tuts…Great job guys….
    I love u guys…..u r simply awsome

  • Alexander is really Amazing… Thanks Nick! Cheers!

  • Brilliant tuts Alexander you helped me learn C4D before I found GSG. Thanks for sharing Nick.

  • We grew up with these tutorials, tnkhs nick… The “5 Things To Know About Typography” should be the bible in school design.


  • Hey Nick :), are you planning to make more AE CC tutorials any time soon?
    I heard you had a website project dedicated especially to AE

    Sorry, i know this is not the correct place to post such a question.

  • great idea of showing these tuts. thanks a lot dude !

  • Hi there Gorilla, you are a tool in the graphic world, Good heartguy tool i have to say… you share and share, while we learn and learn… thank you man, for the will of help others. god bless you, and family, and life projects.

  • Please I need help on How to achieve this kinda mirror effect or multiple mirroring effect Used in Music Videos like Jay Z and Kanye West – Niggaz In Paris, I Use After Effects Cs6 See Video Link http://vimeo.com/62454336 any help will be appreciated


  • Bravo na picha. Samo Levski! Good Job !

  • Hi Nick, I really am hoping to get lucky here… These tutorials are indeed really good, but Alexander did another tutorial and since amateurmedia is no longer around, it seems to have disappeared from the internet forever.

    The tutorial showed you how to rig text with bones or joints so that it could bend under its own weight and react accordingly when moved around. I hope I’m explaining this right, or that you know of the original tut.

    Anyway, I digress, getting lucky is what I came here to do. Please please please make a tutorial on how we could achieve the nonsense I’ve just blurted out above. Chris could knock one up while reading this. Much love

  • Yeah man,

    the good old days! I discovered amateurmedia about a year or so after I discovered your stuff and Andrews Videocopilot. Such a blast! All 3 of you, great tutorialists and designers! Keep up the madness and see you someday!


  • Thanks Nick, I have always wondered where Alexander Alexandrov went to until you and John Dickson told me he now works with Andrew of videocopilot. I miss the fact that he longer creates tutorials, his works were easy to follow and understand. I hope he come back soon. If you can get to him please tell him a guy from Nigeria miss his works. I wish him all the best and am still waiting for him to come back.

  • wow GSG is really slowing down.. kinda sad..
    I was checking it daily.. before but now that they only update it .. once week if that.. it really has lost its appeal..

    • Sorry Adam. I have been out of town in Colombia for an animation Festival. We definitely won’t have new stuff daily, but we will try to get new tutorials out real soon. Thanks for watching.

  • Thanks for the reply..

    I really hope thats true 🙂

  • project files Don´t work 🙁

  • cool but can you tell Alexander to make new tuts for us pls

  • Fantastic. Thank you. Very helpful and informative. Great work!

  • Hey Nick,

    The first tutorial: ‘Natural and Unnatural Light In Cinema 4D’ doesn’t work. I hope that you still got it, ’cause it might be the thing that I’m searching for.

  • Hee guys i`m following this site for a long time now.. Never did a 5sec project but i do always see a guy or a style doing the same thing.. Its cartoon kinda scene he is using or its really paper kinda looking.. I`m now working on a little movie for my school project. but i wanna make a cartoon look video HOW DO I DO THAT ?

    I try to google it but i cant find it really to get it working. Do you guys wanna make a tutorial for it ! that will be so awesome!

    *sorry for my bad english.

  • glad to see these resurface. was a huge fan of that site.

  • Hi Nick,
    yesterday i watched Elysium and there was something really cool. Maybe you know what a snorri-cam is. its a camera, that is rigged to an actor and gives kind of a 3rd person look. because its rigged to the body, the environment is shaky, but the actor isn’t shaky at all. In Elysium there was a shot, where they recreated a snorri-cam effect. (the scene is around minute 47. right after he killed the robot). maybe you’re interested in showing, how this effect works and what you have to look out for during shooting. just an idea.

  • it is fantastic

  • guys i want to learn cinema 4d but idont know, can you do it for me via internet


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