10 Cinema 4D Tutorials and Presentations From NAB 2013

May 9, 2013

NAB 2013 was full of great presentations and tutorials at the Maxon booth and luckily Cineversity was there to record it all for us.

The presentations and tutorials covered everything this year… Sports Graphics, Xpresso, Python, Mograph, Illustrations, and of course, Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite. I hope you make time to watch all these great presentations. I didn’t get to see them all live, so I will be watching many of these right along with you. Enjoy.

Nick Campbell: C4D to AE: The Ultimate Graphics Workflow

Barton Damer: Illustration with CINEMA 4D

Brian McCauley: 3D Workflow for Sports Motion Graphics

John Lepore: Defeating Suicide-Mission Deadlines

EJ Hassenfratz: The Power of the Inheritance Effector

Robert Hranitzky: A New Live 3D Pipeline for CINEMA 4D and Adobe After Effects

Colin Sebestyen: Motion Design for Live Events

Michael Szabo: Optimizing Your 3D Workflow with Xpresso

Donovan Keith: MoGraph and Phython for Science Animation

Kevin Aguirre: High-End Motion Design Techniques

  • WOW!!! So much information! Thank you!

  • Aniekan Etuhube May 9, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Hey thanks man, been anticipating such, hope u’ll continue on your mind opening tuts soon

  • awesome!! thank you!

  • I think my brain just exploded…

  • Higo- Mo Deesigner May 9, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    Thanx very much … these is awesome…

  • Lots of good info – thanks Nick…

  • thank you very much

  • YES. I was hoping this would happen soon. Cineversity was getting cluttered and this was all I was looking for. Thanks for organizing.

  • Syntheticmachine May 9, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    I’m going to have to make a day of this tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Thank you very much, Nick!
    Looking forward to watch them all.

  • Thanks a ton Nick! Who needs to travel??

  • Rajashekar Adukani May 10, 2013 at 12:33 am

    Great Nick , Thank you very Much.

  • I think I know what I will do on the weekend:-)
    Thank you!

  • The content is great, but I’m very disappointed, AGAIN.
    My eyes are bleeding.
    Why Cinversity keeps uploading low definition video?

    Am I the only one who is not able to read anything on the interface of Cinema?

    This is so annoying.

  • Thank you for all videos, i really appreciated…
    Because really hard to follow in NAB website. They have really bad website i think and also video quality are really low why is that they don’t have any iPhone for this it’s really simple to upload HQ video in Vimeo 🙂

  • Yeaaaah! Finally) Most helpful and inspirational tutorials always from NAB! Thank you so much!

  • Thanks very much for your sharing Nick. I’m living in congo democratic and here the network connection is too low. So i can’t watch your cineversity’s tutorials. I glad to see your video here on your website. Thanks again!

  • This is why the C4D community is the best! Sharing knowledge.

  • yoo man awesome… nick u uploaded these videos..

  • HEY NICK…………:) Thanks very much for Shearing U Done A GR8 JOB BUT AGAIN Low Quality……….

  • I have a question about their render engine, they are using the cinema’s 4D global illumination, Vray, or other?

  • You should’ve wear your GSG shirt nick =) Great presentation! Love all your informative tutorials! Cheers!

  • U missed 2:
    NAB 2013 Rewind_ Brian McCauley – Day 3

    NAB 2013 Rewind_ Kevin Aguirre – Day 4

  • I’m so sorry, but the quality of picture is really poor. I’d care to consider some issues in those tutorials a bit closer, but even in hd view cinema tool fields are quite unreadable…
    If it could be possibly for you to download all this in better quality!!!

  • Nick, thank you for posting these tutorials, I live in Brazil and this content greatly helps users who can not be present. THANK YOU!

  • Hi!
    I wanted to know what version of After Effects has the integration with Cinema 4D, I have AE CS6 and it doesn’t have the option that you mentioned.


  • Hai Nick,

    First thank you for provide to the world all such infotmation workflow for motion graphic and 3D artist i am justwondering where can i have the cineware i want to test the cinema 4D with after effect is there a place where to download i am really confused any help will be much appreciated



  • Hi Gorilla! I’ve always watched your videos, and I truly loved them, but I’m wondering, how can I make this animation? http://www.theidentgallery.com/player.php?id=TLC-2013-ID-1

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for all the incredible work you do. I have an unquenchable thirst for your tutorials and have been flying through them since I got cinema a month ago.

    Here’s my question.

    I am working on a scene in which the camera moves through glass. I am unhappy with the look. Have you got any tips on how to do this proper?



  • Thank you for posting these! I used to go to NAB every year when I lived in Vegas. Every year I tell myself to go and every year it doesn’t work out.

    I’m going to drink a few beers, get a sunburn, drink a couple more and watch these…almost like being there!

  • Great Nick!! u r folowed even in west Africa Senegal!! Thanks for all!!

  • hey nick,
    in Brian McCauley video he used a plug in and it sounded like he said cdr smart but i can’t fully make it out any idea what the plug in was for importing ai files, it is awesome and would save me sooo much time

  • The C4D to AE tutorial was super helpful like wow.
    Also, do you know how to make make/animate/light these freaking crystals in this: http://www.weareseventeen.com/project/bt-vision-christmas-2011 ?

  • Hero Olivier dressen May 19, 2013 at 4:10 am

    Great Nick !

    Once again it seems really interesting !
    I’ll have a look at my office, now enjoying movie festival in shanghai !

  • Thanks as always for all the info and reviews, still going through it all when I have time between projects.

    I cant help but continue to be blown away that a lot of these new features will ONLY be available through Adobe Creative Cloud!

    How could you guys not even address this issue? Please, there are SERIOUS issues to be discussed with the new subscription only model from Adobe. It has a really big impact on those of us deep in the C4D to AE pipeline.

    Please tell us your thoughts on perpetual subscription and what it means to those of who use not just AE and C4D but an extensive array of GSG products (me)

  • In the last video, Kevin Aguirre: High-End Motion Design Techniques, something has got me wondering:

    Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if he just used the same rangemappers for all the sections? I mean instead of making new copies for each section he could’ve just used the same original ones, that’s what’s good about zeroing out the coordinates.

    Would completely remote all the additional work that is adding spline inputs on hundreds of range mappers.

  • This was a very great post and after seeing all the videos I’m ready to dive into Cinema4D hoping to create amazing stuff. Thanks to all for these videos.

  • Thanks Nick…..nice info

  • After you tracked the camera, how did you set the center/zero point for your 3d text to sit on?

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