Make a 3D Title Card Animation in 10 Minutes + FREE Signal Camera Rig

May 10, 2019

See how fast you can create 3D title cards and logo animations using Cinema 4D, Redshift, and drag-and-drop materials and assets.

Make a 3D Title Card Animation in 10 Minutes + FREE Signal Camera Rig - Title Gif

With this tutorial, you have the choice to watch a real time screen capture of Nick building a 3D title sequence and then adding artist commentary. It’s a real behind-the-scenes look at his workflow, and the look dev that goes into building a full length tutorial.

If you want the full tutorial breakdown, check out the second video which dives into each tool used to make this Dragons and Swords 3D title.

Making a 3D Title Card in 10 Minutes

With Cinema 4D’s classic MoGraph MoText tool and built-in controls, you can quickly type and arrange your text. For those of you with Signal, you can also download a FREE camera rig that animates the whole scene. Then you can just turn to your own personal collection of assets to finish things out.

Now you can obviously build your own materials and models, purchase them from amazing sites like Poliigon and TurboSquid, but in this video Nick will be using some of his favorite Greyscalegorilla tools because they give him that quick drag-and-drop workflow that makes things easier and faster.

Let’s jump into the quick version of this tutorial, and if it’s too fast you can jump further down into the longer full breakdown.

Tools Used in this Tutorial:

Dragons and Swords 3D Title Animation Full Breakdown

Looking for the step-by-step breakdown of this quick animation. Check out this full-length tutorial going over every tool and feature.

Want to check out the other tutorials mentioned? Check out these helpful Cinema 4D tutorials.

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  • Love that you’ve packaged up the full tutorial into a 10 min version. Super helpful to get a fast overview first with the option to jump in to the longer version to get more detail on specific problem areas.

    Great new format.

  • Christian Stegmann May 13, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Thank you for this.
    Please more redshift tutorials.

  • Uhhh thats great :O

  • I don’t see Mac!!! I don’t see Arnold!!! I don’t see PR Render!!!!
    Nicke, i beg in you back to the Mac, It’s terrible !!!!!!

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