21 C4D Tutorials And Presentations at NAB 2014 Rewind

April 23, 2014


All of the Tutorials and Presentations are up and ready to watch from NAB 2014. Head on over to Cineversity and start watching some of the great presenters who showed off their tips and techniques inside of Cinema 4D. Thanks again to Maxon for recording and posting all these great videos!

Watch NAB 2014 Rewind Now

  • Thank you for posting this, when I originally try to find it on Cineversity live it still said coming soon!


  • Thank you…

  • But they haven’t posted your presentations yet! I guess they’re leaving the best for last.

  • that’s odd……………………. where is the rewind of Nick Campbell ?

  • I was waiting for this !!!!
    Unfortunately I could not follow the live presentations.

  • Thank You…Waited a lot For This…

  • Thanks! Watched a lot of these live. So much good info.

  • when is the next 5 seconds project? i am so looking forward to it!!! 🙂

  • Coooool

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