2 Essential Sketch & Toon Settings Explained

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In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla shows you the most important settings to keep in mind while working with Sketch & Toon in Cinema 4D. Why do you final renders look different from the viewport? Why are your lines so segmented and separated? Find out why in this video.

What will I Learn?

  • Why Sketch & Toon automatically applies to all objects in the scene
  • How to join and smooth lines
  • How to get your render to to look the same in both the viewport and picture viewer

2 Essential Sketch & Toon Settings Explained

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  • Nice tutorial Chris

  • Awesome Tutorial guys! Really helped make sense of some of the walls I was hitting in Sketch and Toon.

    I’d love, if you do end up doing a whole series on it, to get a tutorial on creating a kind of Borderlands series look as I love the art in that series and getting the shading/texturing to look the way it does while also having hand-drawn outlines would be really neat!

    Keep doing what you do!

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