2 Essential Sketch & Toon Settings Explained

April 18, 2017

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla shows you the most important settings to keep in mind while working with Sketch & Toon in Cinema 4D. Why do you final renders look different from the viewport? Why are your lines so segmented and separated? Find out why in this video.

What will I Learn?

  • Why Sketch & Toon automatically applies to all objects in the scene
  • How to join and smooth lines
  • How to get your render to to look the same in both the viewport and picture viewer

2 Essential Sketch & Toon Settings Explained

Tutorial Focus:  

  • Nice tutorial Chris

  • Awesome Tutorial guys! Really helped make sense of some of the walls I was hitting in Sketch and Toon.

    I’d love, if you do end up doing a whole series on it, to get a tutorial on creating a kind of Borderlands series look as I love the art in that series and getting the shading/texturing to look the way it does while also having hand-drawn outlines would be really neat!

    Keep doing what you do!

  • Excellent tutorial as always!

    I feel like I’ve heard in other forums this in not possible….but….is there any kind of “workaround” to getting S&T shading from C4D into Unity 3D? There are some decent toon shaders for Unity…but nothing that matches the control and artistry of C4D!

    The typical workflow is an .fbx export from C4D, and I believe that’s the limitation. I figure if anyone can find a path, GSG can!! 🙂


  • Love the out take on this video! Haha! Awesome video Chris. Nice tips on Sketch and Toon. Quick and thorough!

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