20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D Artist Should Know

May 22, 2017

NAB 2017 Rewind – Nick Campbell: 20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D User Should Know from Cineversity.

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  • Great presentation, thanks from germany <;

  • Hi Nick,

    I recently learned how to bake a dynamics simulation, however is there a way to speed up the preview before you bake it?

    This would be a great deal of help.

    Best regards,


  • Hi GSG,

    Would it be possible to make a tutorial based on the problem and possible solution regarding object buffers and the horrible halo they cause in After Effects ? I’ve searched high and low for answers to this but no luck. Just a lot of folks having the same problem. Please, please help. Cheers.

    • For me personally, to fix this I have always added a Simple Choker effect to the object buffer layer and then choked it in about 1 pixel or so. This usually fixes the issue. But since that solution may not be ideal for more complex setups, I would also like to see this tutorial made!

  • So useful tips. Thank you!

  • Fantastic, indeed helpful! Can’t thank you enough for your magnificent effort in guiding us. I’m constantly hooked on to Nick gorilla 😉

  • Hey I’ve been messing with this technique and I’ve found that after you paste your color channel into your lambertian reflectance, if you turn the reflection strength down, and the specular strength up it gets rid of a lot of that grain.

  • Thank you nick. Another great one. I tend to spend most time on trxture & lightin as well.. i think its worth it

  • thank you nick

  • Hey, fortunatly my name is also Nick. But what do you do, if you have a different name? For example Mike. Could you do a tutorial for that?
    Thank you, keep up the good work!

  • Nick you are the best Boy ever

    ***** a 5 Star c4D General *****

    Thank’s a lot

  • Thank you very much!!!

    from Catalonia!

  • Nick please help me,

    I dunno why, I’m using C4D R19. And when i change the cloner into object mode and drag the text into it, theres no options and controls for me to play around it like u have. the rail, distribution step, offset, etc all those options were not there. i dunno what happen. is there a glitch in my software?

  • Anderson Almeida March 28, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    same here. dynamic bodies does not have “Force tab” when i place it on the sphere only when i place it on the Cloner itself. can someone help?

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