25 Best X-Particles Tutorials

July 16, 2014


X-Particles is an amazing particle system plugin made for Cinema 4D that will instantly and easily give you amazing particle effects for your next render.

Here are our favorite X-Particle Tutorials to get you started learning this amazing Cinema 4D Particle Plugin.

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OK… On with our favorite free tutorials from around the web…

Animating Cloth With X-Particles 4

By Greyscalegorilla

Intro To Realistic Fluid In X-Particles 4

By Greyscalegorilla

Intro To X-Particle Collisions

By Mike Batchelor

NAB 2014 Rewind – Casey Hupke: Creating Complex Animations with X-particles

By Casey Hupke

Spiral Effect

By FXchannelhouse

Objects To Sand With X-Particles

By Ben Watts

NAB 2014 Rewind – Rob Garrott: X-Particle Playground: Basics to Advanced Techniques

By Rob Garrott

Intro To X-Particles

By Greyscalegorilla

X-Particles 2.5 FLUIDS & FOAM


NitroBlast + X-Particles


By Mike Batchelor

X-particles Bubbles! + mini tutorial

By Jon Bosley

Micro Cell Animation

By Mike Batchelor

Procedural Growth


Quick Guide X-particles Emitter

By Mike Batchelor

MotionGraphics with X-Particles

By Mike Batchelor

Cinema 4D – Particles Swarm – Tutorial


X-Particles WIP Fire

By imcalledandy

Tornado Rig


Motion Blur for X-Particles



By Mike Batchelor

Fireworks with X-Particles

By Mike Batchelor

Acid Effect

By BW Design

Recreating the Ray Bounce Effect with X-Particles


Smooth Tangential Orientation with X-Particles

By David Rickles


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  • Hey Nick, thanks for the compilation of tutorials.

    I also recommend all tutorials from BW Design (https://vimeo.com/bwdesign). Some very nice stuff in there.

  • Thanks Dude..!

  • holy sh*t. thanks alot

  • I’m most interested in cooperation of x-particles with C4D dynamics system. I mean, you can throw a dynamics tag on a cube and add a X-particles collider tag to it as well. But is possible to move a cube by hitting it with particles? Does anyone know that?
    Btw, thanks a lot Nick. As always!

    • Hey Alamo!

      If you watch the “Collisions” video tutorial from the above list, it shows you how to do that.

      Nick, thank you so much for compiling all of these together. I’ve been learning all that I can about X-Particles over the past few months. It really is easy to create some amazing results.

      Maybe next you could do a tutorial showing how to combine XP with TurbulenceFD (my other recent obsession…).



  • Thank you for these… I found it really hard to find Tutorials for X-Particle when I first brought it, (I brought it about two weeks before GSG started selling it *still kicking myself for that*) so I haven’t even used it yet.

  • hey man, nice tuts, I’ll definitely try those! thanks a lot!

  • Hi,

    Very nice. Just one thing… it would be nice if these are from basic to advance… now its little confusing from where have to start…!

  • Yeah right, these tuts really do a great job. Though I knew at least 75% of them already I would like to say thank you very, very much to Nick and his team for this useful collection. By the way, I really recommend heading over to http://www.x-particles.com/html/tutorials.htm for more basic stuff.

    But, I also expect one or maybe two tuts in the inspiring greyscalegorilla kind of style. I am pretty sure there will be something very soon, right Nick?

    From the technical aspect I personally would like to know more about rendering out my x-particals and what I can do in post with them, but maybe that´s because I am (still) a bloody novice.

    I´m also looking forward to the release of Signal and what may be possible to do with that (maybe combined with X-Particles).

  • Many thanks for the interesting allowance! Good luck Nick and your team!

  • Noob is here,love you guys

  • …missed the discount on XParticles 🙁 Any possibility there will be another discount period during SIGGRAPH?

  • Why didn’t the motion designer have a fun birthday?

    Because he didn’t make any party-calls!

  • In case anyone is getting a little frustrated (I was!) trying to do the Shape Shift tutorial, the Curl turbulence has changed since the version shown in the tutorial. You could use Standard turbulence (which looks very similar), use your questions to turn the turbulence on and off (I did that at first) but in a later tutorial (the Motion Graphics one) Mike gives us the old numbers, change Frequency to 0, Blend to 5%, and Add to 0.

  • Thanks nick for compilation of these tutorials.
    I have make a request, could you make a tutorial on realistic spherical galaxy with x particles.

  • Ahoj,

    thank you for all this wonderfull tutorials. i have give x-particle a try… and what should i say.. it´s relly really cool i like it so much.

    but have also try it in After Effects and CineWare and in my case it doesn´t work.. the standard emitter of C4D just work…. and x-particels doesn´t work or displayed.

    is x-particles not compatible with cineware or AE!?
    or did you have any idea how can i fix this?!

  • Thanks for these great tutorials! They really give you a feeling about how fast you can create great visual effects with this marvelous plugin.

    I have a little problem though that I’m stuck in… I’ve been following along the “Particle Growth” tutorial where you get to emit particles from the trails of other particles emitted before, using the “Spawn” object. Now when I render a frame in the editor view, all particles show up and render as expected. But when I use the render manager even with default settings, all the particles emitted from the Spawn objects are just gone, they don’t render 🙁 Only the ones emitting directly form the “main” emittors show up. Anybody has an idea what I’m doing wrong? I didn’t change any options and can’t render out any animation. Which kinda sucks when you want to render something growing 😉 any help on this would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance…

  • Just got my X-Particles license and it’s worth every fuckin penny! Just showed my pal some simple animations and he sums it up quite simple:

    “just imagine if I were an acid or mushroom lover and knew how to make this stuff… you would never see me again… “

  • Great list! I got X-Particles at your holiday sale (thank you!) and am looking forward to some GSG tutorial goodness. Maybe something showing move over surface, or combining with Mograph would be cool. Thanks!

  • Thanks Nick!-it’s true what they say about you, you really ARE the man!-Best, Craig

  • So how did you accomplish the header image. It’s not in the tutorials and it’s super cool and I want to attempt to replicate

  • Don’t forget about this tutorial, by Michael Szabo: https://cmivfx.com/store/591-cinema-4d-x-particles

  • Hey Nick,

    I started playing around in a 3D space about a year and a half ago.

    Just listened to a Podcast you did a few months ago, and you mentioned a few names of 3D artist who inspired you early on.

    You’ve truly been my inspiration to advance in this endlessly complex world of C4D.

    Thanks for being awesome and going after it.

    Thomas Papesca

  • Hi Nick.

    Like the tuts that you’ve posted. Much to learn.
    Can you post a tut in how to make the first image that you have, the one with poink particles bouncing in the floor gaving all the reflections when they hit the floor?


  • I just bought x particles 3, where are these 30 example scene files?

  • Any idea why all these embedded videos show the same link?

  • guys, I tried doing the sand tutorial and I got stuck at minute 8:00. I have my object but I cannot generate UVW coordinates, it’s grayed out…. help!

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