3 Advanced Xpresso Techniques in Cinema 4D

January 3, 2017

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Chris will show you three different advanced tricks in Xpresso to help you make more advanced rigs and tools. He talks about the condition node, the memory node, and a special setting every node has called “On”. We start the Xpresso rig from scratch as together we will build controls to be able to instantly swap out any number of different objects. In this example we will be creating a chair rig that allows for easy additions later.


I found these chairs in this collection from Turbosquid.

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  • Thanks Chris – awesome tips. After manually setting up seating cloners a million times, I’m glad to be able to build a more efficient system. I bet the guys at P Plus miss you!

  • nice nice nice !!
    believe me i follow tons of tuts about C4D and yours are the best by far my friend !!
    clear, creative, useful and fun.

  • Great tutorial! I’m already thinking of interesting ways I could use this, maybe using the sound effector… I don’t know! I need to go and try it out though 🙂

    • That’s the best part of Xpresso, building up a library in your head of what nodes do, then you can apply them when the time comes!

  • Great stuff Chris….love the bleep section at the end, all the best my friend.

  • Hello, why is in some tutorial no sound? Thanks

  • Brilliant! Oh I needed this right here.

  • Killer tips, Chris. –Oh Expresso, how I never really learn thee.– Love the outtakes at the end. Haha

  • Keepin’ it real with the bloopers bump out!

  • Thanks Chris. Is there any good place to go that explains all the expresso nodes really well? …or is it a lot of trial and error?

  • Hey Chris,
    I have a question.
    I have a cloner object which contain many spheres. I can parent an effector to an individual clone but if I want to attach that effector to every clone object, I have to dublicate effector object as many clone objects as I have. Is it possible to create effector inside of Xpresso depends on clone count?

    And thank you, you guys are awsome!

  • i really would like to know the expresso-rig, that’s working how the signal-plugin….anyone made it already?…and chris, for sure you are the best…in c4d!

  • Finally we got per Step on Grid Cloner! I used to have a xpresso just to take care of that haha
    Nice tutorial! 🙂

  • I have a question.
    uesed the sond effecter I can make a EQ.
    and I want make a time growth EQ.At the first frame there is a EQ map and when time gose to the second frame the new one comes out.but the first one is still first one without change.
    the first one is different from the second one.

    I am a chinese.

  • This is awesome!

    Is there anyway to add a reference box for a user to just drop in whatever they want?


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