3 Favorite X-Particles Modifiers + Arnold Integration Technique

November 29, 2016


In this short video, I show you my 3 favorite X-Particles Modifiers that I have been using lately. Then I show you some basic ways that Arnold integrates with X-Particles. Come join me in particle land for this one.

Learn More about X-Particles Here



Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • Oh my god, did we JUST watch this on twitch?! You guys are awesome getting this content up so dang quick! Love it

  • Awesome Nick. This is exactly what I have been searching for. Great timing. Thank you.

  • So I’m new to x-particles, but when i select trails, the trails won’t show up?

  • Nicolas Jeanbourquin December 6, 2016 at 5:12 am

    Dear Nic,

    What can be great its to have a tuto about answers and questions(actions) between particles groups in xparticles.



  • Do you plan to do some X-Particles + Cycles 4D integration tutorials?

  • Great tutorial. I got some issues with arnold/X particles doe.
    Using the x-particles material allows you to animate the color properties of the particle that create some awesome looks. IE color relating to age of particle. When using the arnold shaders, you lose these properties, have you found any work around for this?

  • there is something driving me crazy….. hope you can help, i’ve been trying many different things on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCrdDr0EX5Y but cant nail it, i’ve tried metaball tracing a cloner with little spheres, but cant get that watery feel to it please help!.

  • Don’t have x-particles yet, just curious if there is away to get this effect without x-particles?

  • Question for you guys. When I apply the x-particles shader on the emitter, I’m not able to get the green dots to display at all in Arnold, and I don’t know why. I followed the same exact process as you, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  • Can OC obtain particle data of XP, such as particle time data

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