3D Workflows for Lazy People

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NAB 2017 Rewind – Chad Ashley: 3D Workflow Techniques for Lazy People from Cineversity.

What’s Covered:

  • Importance of Project Managment (Default Project folder, Project Naming)
  • Process Hacks
  • Previz Workflows
  • “Mission Layouts”
  • “Starter Scenes”
  • Content Browser Hacks
  • C4D Layers for organization
  • Never name an Output again, using the Token System

In this NAB presentation, Chad shares some of his workflow secrets and talks about the Gorilla Grade LUT promo spot that was finished in only four days. Chad talks about everything from project folders to the Take System and how to use Tokens to never have to name an output ever again.

Download Chad’s Default Project Folder Here

Download Chad’s Naming Convention File Here

Gorilla Grade LUTs Promo Spot


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  • is there a short version for really lazy people ?

    kidding, thanks for the tips !

  • If Vimeo had 2x playback, I’d say yes. ?

  • Hey Chad

    Great presentation. This might be a daft question, but why does the viewport need to run at a higher frame rate than the native frame rate of your project (ie 24 fps, 30 fps etc).


    PS I’m a freelance video editor who has been self-learning animation for the last year or so, and it’s no exaggeration to say that GreyscaleGorilla has been the backbone of my learning process. This year I have booked my first animation work making titles for a show over here in the UK. A heartfelt thanks to you, Nick, Chris and all who work with you.

    • Hi Ben! Not daft at all! Frame rate is not limited to playback frame rate only. The speed of which you interact with the viewport is also measured in FPS. Higher FPS when orbiting a large scene means less lag and zippy feedback. Hope that makes sense. Have a good one!

  • Thanks!

  • No offence to anyone, but it feels like this site is becoming a lot less of a place to come to really learn the core features of cinema 4d. Videos are almost repeats.

    • thanks for the comment! What are you not seeing that you’d like to see?

      • Tutorials. In depth 30-90 minutes of rapidly building a scene of the sort you can pause and rewind to learn from. The sort Chris Schmit often used to put out. Utterly fantastic.

        • We also have the AskGSG Archives and Animation training for sale if longer form videos are what you’re after.

  • Hi Chad; awesome presentation, congrats.
    Just wanted to point that the date/time related tokens are not available until you install the Cineversity Toolbox resources.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Cheers to all the GSG team.

  • Thanks Chad. I like how you and Chris did similar discussions but didn’t overlap. I knew a lot of these things but the refresher in Layers and Tokens were the big takeaway for me.

  • It’s very stimulating to see someone shares his experience.

  • Great as usual! Thank you for trying to get all the community to a better place!
    And I love the rhythm, getting better at it 🙂

  • Chad, thanks heaps for sharing all of this awesome tips from your workflow, learned a lot. Best invested hour of my Sunday! =)

  • Hi Chad, very good presentation!

    How to you approach render presets together with takes and tokens where the cameras have different frame ranges? We currently use takes and tokens but create one render preset per camera since they often have different frame range output ranges. Is there a better way?

    • I usually create a master render preset and any changes to the output ranges are a child of the master render preset. This way, you can still control the render settings as a whole and the only difference is the in/out frames. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for the comment! Feel free to hit me up on GSG Connect if you want more info on my workflow techniques.

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