6 Holiday Related Cinema 4D Tutorials

December 24, 2013

Make A Festive Holiday Wreath With Cinema 4D


Make An Animated Freezing Ice Effect


Make A Candy Cane Text Animation


How do I make A Christmas Tree grow out of the snow?


Use Bodypaint to Make A Custom Snowflake Texture


Make A Holiday Black Friday Deal Advert


Bonus: Make The 2010 Winter Olympics Ice Cube Bumpers


  • Really nice work you guys helping other to work on

  • It would be quite good to have such plug-in or preset in CINEMA 4D 64 Bit 15

    RayFire 1.58 plugin


  • Santa Madonna che bravi e che simpatici! :-)))


    Oh My God…just very very good and nice persons! :-)))

  • WOW! Stunning work !!! Appreciated! .. http://www.behance.net/alvarico

  • thanks so much ,excellent tuts and very very nice guys

    Wishing You a Happy Christmas and to hope the New Year too. Will be a very prosperous Healthy and Happy Time for you and your family gets together and has a good time…!!*************************

  • Dear Nick,

    thank you so much for your post about the daily projects last year, which led me to do one for myself. My name is Bianca Kennedy, I’m a 24 year old student of fine art in Germany and yesterday I finished my 365th piece of 2013, which I keep posting on facebook. I came up with a lot of different things and I lost my fear of making mistakes and presenting my work on a regular basis to a broad audience. I hope you’ll write another article about those projects, where you motivate people to try it out. If you like to take a look at my own page, feel free to visit


    Bianca Kennedy

  • please i want to be more than you indesigning…please jux teach me thnx.. i love ya works sooooooo much

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