5 Rules In Logo Design

September 5, 2010

in this video, Alexander shows you five rules to keep in mind when using type in 3D.


Tutorial Focus:  ,
Software:  ,

  • Thanks alot Alexander and it totally helped alot 🙂 thanks again.

    P.s what is the music in the begining and the transition music 🙂

  • Good design tips. But I don’t agree with the color settings. CMYK is not the same all over the world. For example: A European Standard Magenta is different than a American Swop Standard Magenta. And each color printer or monitor will interpret the colors different. Unless you use professional ColorManagement. (my job 😉

    Pantone colors are standardized spot colors and need special ink for printing.

  • Nice, well presented. Thanks Alexander!

  • very helpful tips.

    Thank You

  • Thanks alexander for your very good informations

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