5 Things To Know About Typography

September 5, 2010

In this video, Alexander shows you 5 things to keep in mind when designing with Type.



  • Hi, Nice Tut but I dont really agree with not using Serif and Sans-Serif together. Even though it was a good choice for the example, it doesnt generally work in hierarchies or indirectly related text where contrast is required. and instead of using two different geometric fonts, you should stick with one because fonts with small contrast dont work with each other or just create some great contrast.

  • How great and awesome

  • Nice simple guide, I cracked up at the end, understood your english just fine!

  • Thank you for this very very very usefull tutorial. But May I add a point? Check the spelling…. (there’s a mistake)

  • Hi! Can you make a video on how did you make this video tutorial? like the No. “5” how it turns and everything? 🙂 thanks!

  • Very good lesson. Thank you.

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