50 Min of Tips & Tricks in Cinema 4D

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Our very own Chris Schmidt tackles a much requested sequel to Quick C4D Tips and Tricks tutorial with another 50 minutes of a little known features of C4D and tips for speeding up workflow. Learn tricks to clean up points and polygons fast, drive clones with Effectors AFTER dynamics, get more randomness from your Cloners, and so much more. This video is part of the NAB 2017 Rewind courtesy of  Cineversity.

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  • Amazing presentation!

  • Maybe little faster that Quick Tip Separate Segments

  • Thanks Chris (and Greyscalegorilla) for all the tips, I think I’ll be able to remember one or two 🙂

  • chris, i would marry you if i was a woman

  • Thank you very much! This did help a lot. 🙂
    I like that shape with volumetric light at 6:40 – will soon try to find out how to do it.

  • Been almost 3 months since they made a real tutorial

    • We have been focusing on getting new products and updates out. We hope to return to a more predictable tutorial release schedule soon.

    • Also, how exactly are our NAB presentations, not real tutorials? We all put a ton of hard work into those.

  • Great video many helpful things in there

  • Ohhhh my hahaha, I laughed so hard at the zoom-in for the Hair icon.

    Great series, learned a few really useful tricks!

  • Awesome tips! thx!

  • Wow, this video was chock full of useful tips!

    A question though:

    When generating splines from edges like you did with your path selection on the plane, is there a way to chamfer the corner points to get a rounded curve? Currently, when I try to chamfer those points it just generates a single 45 degree subdivision at the corner.

    • Sikko van der Ploeg July 20, 2017 at 5:04 am

      Hi Ben,
      When you chamfer, change the intermediate points of the spline to ‘uniform’ or any other setting, and the corner will round off.
      Hope this helps.

  • I’m kind of a newb but i’m starting to dabble in C4D. However, one thing i couldn’t replicate from this vid was the brick cylinder.
    I created a brick, put it in a cloner with a null (like in the vid) and asked for the cloner to use a cylinder as the target object. I asked for the brick and null to be put on poly center (like in the vid) but I had no luck in getting the look achieved in the video. My null makes too large of a gap between the bricks, feels like checkerboard.
    Any help ?

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