#AskGSG 4: Abstract Spiked Object With Overhead Lighting And Depth Of Field

January 4, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “coverdale11” asks how to make a simple abstract spiky object and light it in a studio environment using overhead lights like in this wonderful piece by “ManvsMachine.”

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  • Great tut Nick! I’m even more curious about those great “mask?” transitions between lines… any tips for that ??? thanks!

  • Thanx gorilla

  • Too bad that you didn’t notice that in the example it was based of origami, your version looks nothing like that and that is too bad in my opinion.

    • Yoshi … the tutorial was about a specific frame from that video posted. It was not an origami tutorial. Nick showed how the frame in question might be rendered .

  • I like it, simple clean, and purrrty

  • Nick, you always say not to just copy what you teach but to expand upon it so I did and I like the result.


  • Great job as usual. thank you

  • Thank you guys for the great tutorials and your work. From my side I like the short tutorials very much. It doesn’t have to be always a 1 or 2 hour tutorial. Keep up the good work! Many thanks again.

  • WOW AWESOME.. pretty much pulled this off in R13!?!

    Any chance of a follow up Cinema/AE tutorial on how to achieve that cut up, in/out focus editing style?, like the original KD7 ident?


  • Hey Nick, nice job!

    I’ve been liking this whole 30/30 thing A LOT!!

    How about next time, the day before a tutorial you post the question it’s about and make a challenge of it (: Just an idea that I guess would be cool

  • Thanks for another great tutorial Nick!

  • Thanks, Nick. Another great walk-through. Much appreciated.

  • Hey Nick, really enjoyed the tutorial, however, you should check out the plugin “The Illuminati,” from mymotiongraphics. Its very easy to setup and by default, you can obtain great realistic lighting and shadowing without Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination.

  • Great man, thanks

  • Hi guys, tried to follow this tutorial and got stuck on the part where Nick goes to Content Browser and selects Overhead Softbox – I just don’t have such preset, and I can’t find it anywhere in my C4D. This is what my Content Browser looks like when I’m trying to search for it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb6ktqfft06ymer/contentbrowser.png?dl=0

    Could you please help me? Should I buy that $100 Light Kit in order to complete this tutorial?

  • Hey Nick & friends! I am pretty new to c4d ( about a month) and i know my way around well enough to listening along and nail everything you guys do, However sometimes you guys move so fast and do things without announcing what youre doing and i miss it, and my projects often end up not as cool, clean, or organized as yours! I’m just wondering if you guys can slow down .01 MPH in the future so people who are learning like me can keep up… Thanks so much!

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