Add Hair To A Character In Cinema 4D

August 23, 2016


In this video, you will learn how to easily add dynamic hair to A Cinema 4D Character. This video is part of an ongoing series of videos all about how to use motion capture data in Cinema 4D. Watch the full training series here.

This training series was inspired by your questions about how to make animations like this amazing AICP Sponsor Reel Animation by Method Studios.

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  • Loving this tutorial…amazing work as ever Nick. Thanks

  • Can’t wait for release 18 to start fracturing 🙂 and I hope Chris told me everything I need to know to make the wooden puppet look better.

  • Thats cool Nick just like you promised 🙂

  • I would like to see a tutorial on adding hair to a human character such as a woman and how to properly style it too.

  • Outstanding. I’m just learning C4D and this was a greta step forward for me.

  • Thank you for this tutorial, really handy.
    I can now start a new series for my profile !

  • Ha! This is great. I just made something like this a couple days ago. One thing I’m having trouble with is that some of my hairs become ridged.

  • Nick, This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention and for showing how it’s done. I’d love to see a tutorial showing how to do this with materials other than hair!

  • Is there a way of cloning an object onto the skin surface of the model? I just can’t seem to get it to work.

  • wow.. the lighting trick with the shadow maps makes a huge difference!! thanks

  • Just wondering if its possible to loop hair seamlessly?

    I’m trying to apply some of the ideas from the looping cloth tutorial however this isn’t as simple with hair as the cache can’t be offset.. Any ideas?



    I’m looking forward to doing something useful with this now I understand how to use both the hair shader and also the MoCap feature.

    Really cool tutorial, thanks Nick 🙂

    • I tried to use Mixamo’s auto-rigger to rig one of my own figures, so I could esilynapply thier MoCsp data to it, but it kept falling over.

      It would import the model, but only as an .obj file, and then not create a rigged model, although it did allow me to assign the knees, hips etc.

      Anyone had any success with this and their own models?

  • Hey Nick,

    Questions….. I have an older vesion of the hdri studio and when i turn on the seamless foor its not reflecting the hairs only the original body. Any Ideas?

    One more thing If i for exsample have a man doing a kicking action how can I get him to interact with a ball for example.

    Thankyou for you continued hard work guys!

  • Thanks for a great series of tutorials.

    Here is my effortv-va kind of canary wookie!

  • Thnx for this great tutorial. Is it possible to let hairs fall off on the ground during the movement of the character?
    Here is my result of the tutorial:

  • Hey guys! Loving the tutorials and having so much fun!

    Quick question, I have rendered my character out of C4D but when i open it up in After Effects CC2014 using Cineware, the hairs don’t show up. Any ideas on how to go about it? Much appreciated.

  • Hi…. I also did, but some time back.

  • Hi Nick, My problem is the same dancing rig does not touch the ground when moving into the handstand position. It does this with no hair also. Feet hit the ground fine.

  • great ! i love it when this guys dancing! and good work.

  • Love all your tuts, nick! One noob question… Even following all steps, my hair trespasses the collider… how can i fix it? Thanks!!!

  • Hi Guys,

    I looking for people that can render a Gorilla with hair for nice project
    hook me up

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