Add Your Own Character To Motion Capture In Cinema 4D

September 13, 2016


In today’s video, you will learn how to start to integrate your own characters into motion capture data.

This video is part of an ongoing series of videos all about how to use motion capture data in Cinema 4D. Watch the full training series here.

At the end of this tutorial, I use our two most popular plugins, Topcoat and HDRI Studio pack to quickly and easily set up beautiful reflections and HDRI Lighting in this scene. Check out these plugins and more from the GSG store to help speed up your render workflow.

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HDRI Studio
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This training series was inspired by your questions about how to make animations like this amazing AICP Sponsor Reel Animation by Method Studios.

Watch The Tutorial


  • Omg,this is what i was about to do,an animation with the daft punk helmets.

  • ok nick just IMO if you have a character already in most cases this technique would work if the character is not already rigged, but if the character is already rigged then this method is not a goto method……Like i said IMO

  • Hey Nick,

    Great tutorial! It’s pretty easy to rough out a great animation once you have some really good MoCap data.

    Have you run across something nice from the Carnegie Mellon collection, I haven’t found anything yet that I can use without having to do some major clean-up on the MoCap data? I don’t have CC. I’ll buy something off Turbosquid if nothing comes to mind on the Carnegie Mellon collection.

    Thanks Nick!

    • you don’t need a CC subscription to use Mixamo and download from it , just a free account and every thing should work (I have only a free account with no subscription and downloaded data from the website .

  • these stale and outmoded old
    really please when you will do Visual FX designs ? 🙁

  • I had lost track of my first foray into character modeling until I saw this tut. Threw him through the process and this is what I ended up with.

    Very accessible tutorial. I ended up blending a static T pose and the mixamo rig with a pose morph tag with the idea that I could move from one animation to the next but had some issues. I’d love to get a little bit of a glimpse into that tags nuances if you keep this series up.

    Good stuff!

  • There is another way I tried a while ago: grab a character you want from c4d or the web in T-pose or A-pose and rig it (upload) in mixamo. After this process you can add moves in mixamo and download both the original pose (rigged) as a starting point in c4d and the already moving character, ready to use in c4d.

  • Emmanuel Vincent @ManuEffect September 14, 2016 at 2:42 pm

    Thanks for tutorial! You Can select a full hierarchy by middle click on the top most object.

  • Thanks GSG ! with your lessons I was able to make this video :

    Mocap is no longer terrifying !

  • Hi guys wondering if you able to help. I’m using mo cap data from miximo and I’m trying to link several animations together using the retargeting tag I can get it to work if the character goes to a consistent position from the beginning and the end of the animation. However I can’t link a walk and a kneel and shoot animation as I am unable to reposition the animation within the 3D space. I have tried to group and move which does work on its own but not with the retargeting tag. Any ideas? Cheers

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