Adding Depth And Parallax By Layering Elements In Cinema 4D

February 17, 2015

In this AskGSG segment, one of our featured Patreon members JJ Osbun asks us how to make a scene that has a lot of detail and parallax similar to this great spot by Gene Sung. First off, Chris builds out a quick city and flag. Then, Nick gets some camera animation and atmosphere going. Finally, we jump into After Effects to compile the entire scene together with motion blur and tinting.

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This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.

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  • Absolute awesome tutorial. Complementing each other, trying different techniques, but also the AE part is great. I’d love to see more post… Thanks guys.

  • great job guys thanks….learned two things from this.

  • for god’s sake…Please show we a different tutorial..all tutorial all the same

    • As far as I know none of these tutorials have been the same. You should double check your facts.

    • I don’t know what you mean by ‘all the same’, but there’s actually lots of in depth stuff in this tutorial. The better you get at Cinema, the smaller the steps are getting.

      I think it’s kind of rude and ungratefull to say. If you expect pro rigging or UV unwrapping go find yourself another specialist that does these things for FREE.

      • I have learnt so much thanks to GSG.
        It’s totally inapropriate to say “the tutorial are all the same”.
        These guys take their time to do great tutorials for free.
        Gokhan If you want other stuff why don’t you create your own “awesome” channel on youtube or whatever and shared your knowledge…

  • Thanks so much for doing this!!

    So great to see you do this together, very useful.

  • Chris, Nick,

    great to see you in action together
    it is interesting to see your approach to sharing work and planning production
    i find this approach missing from many other tutorials

  • I like having both of you in the tutorial at once. It’s nice to get different solutions to the challenge. I can see the tutorials running consistently longer with both of you working at the same time, but I personally don’t mind.

    The only problem with the new format is when you are both talking at the same time. It’s okay for general discussions…not so great for learning.

    And that visible light fog…never knew that was even possible, since I never looked at the noise tab of a light. Fog has always been AE fractal noise…but now I’m going to have to make something just to try it in C4D. Thanks for the hard work guys.

  • Hello I`m starting using cinema4d and after effects, but i have problem with my pc. I am thinking on buying a new one but i dont know alot about this subject, so i was wondering if someone could tell me a little bit of the hadware that is required to do animation thanks!!

  • “your outer distance is your primary stat” might have been my favorite line. Sounds kind of Diablo-ey right there. Wonderful tutorial. The give-and-take and experimentation aspect of this is REALLY helpful for me. Learning how you approach problems and try different things and the workflow of coming to solutions is invaluable. I like these kinds of tutorials a lot.

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