Aerodynamics in Cinema 4D R14

September 27, 2012

In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to set up and use the new Aerodynamics feature in Cinema 4D R14. Chris shows you many different ways to set up and use Aerodynamics to make helicopter blades, flying footballs and folding paper.


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  • Why is the tutorial private, even though i have a vimeo account logged in?

  • I hope it’s a bug my end or a quick checkbox you forgot to tick, but the video says it is a private video.

    Just FYI.

  • Ugh still saving up for R14 but yea I’ll just watch the tut’s to get an head start πŸ˜€

  • Chris, your a legend, your passion and enjoyment for C4D is palpable and inspiring, your tutorials are always great to watch. Thx Chris and everyone at Greyscale Gorilla πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Chris for another fun tutorial!!!

  • Now I really need to upgrade to R14!

  • im dying to get r14 ughhhh

  • EVIL MR. CUBE! ;))) thank you so much for a fun start in the Friday!!

  • Goes way to fast for a beginner… also no keystrokes on screen… Seems very interesting, but to hard to follow for me this time..

  • This was the most fun tutorial I have watched/emulated in a long time. Thanks for the ideas and sharing. I have been playing with flying pages of paper for hours.

  • Holly Molly Macarrony…..
    I love your way of making tutorials.
    Very, very funny.
    I’m going to get R14 and try to make my own Helicopter with controllers and try and fly it.

  • Great tut! Chris is like a kid in a candy store with r14’s the new aerodynamics.

  • Hey Chris love your tutorial … the aerodynamics seem to work great. How about making a paperplane?

  • Brilliant Chris.
    I always get a laugh when I watch your tutorials.
    Good stuff!

  • I loved this tutorial. It was loads of fun and Chris’ excitement made it even more fun.

  • Mr. C4D Sientist. Chris Schmidt πŸ˜€ – thank you for this funny tutorial again! I’ve had a laughing time all around during lookin’ this tut. (*still laughing*)

    best regards

  • That was fun to watch! I am excited to try out c4d R14 now that the student/teacher version has been announced!

  • Awesome tutorial. Which video card are you using in your workstation?

  • I had so much fun seeing Chris play like a child with his little cubicopters, LOL. But I was wondering what type of Apple machine he is using: on my MacPro dual quad-core the simulations run way slower, way way way…
    Thnx for the great tutorial !!

  • Great tutorial Muy bueno

  • That was the funniest fucking tutorial I have ever watched, especially the evil cube bit.
    Great energy, great class.
    Good work dude.

  • Great tutorial. I love the way you do your work. And i love the new features in C4D r14.

    Keept that great work going on. Thank you and Chris for your awesome work!

  • TONS of useful info, thanks Chris!

  • Thanks for this tutorial.
    Now I understand why lot of people like that new aerodynamics feature.
    it’s much more than just paper sheets flying.

  • You should of made the Nerf foot balls shoot at the Hella cube/Sphere things

  • Great Tutorial. Thanks a lot. Its Uplifting my day πŸ™‚

  • Hi chris got a doubt how to take a 3d output in cinema 4d

  • 10-15 years ago, doing those things with our tools in that time was not thinkable. Today what I saw here definitely shocked me. Very very easy. Frankly, I am upset because I really would want to use this in that 3d period in my carrier. (Actually we were celebrating to visual 3d softwares like 3dStudio > 3dStudioMax late 90’s and we were very busy that miracle change πŸ™‚ )

    Thank you for your efforts and time to show great, powerful C4D’s things to us.


  • Awesome! truly awesome. Does this mean that C4D could actually be used in real life aerodynamic testing? Could you model an aircraft and test it’s aerodynamic capabilities?

    Am I wrong in thinking that you could model say a spitfire and have it power along a runway and take off. The possibilities are amazing. Thanks for a great tutorial Chris.

  • hahaha wacko great tut x

  • In regards to the flowing paper, how would I go about controlling the direction of the flow? And also, can they fold and flow independently?

  • Quite possibly the most entertaining and yet still very informative tutorial I’ve ever watched. Thanks for that!

  • This gave me a great idea!,i cant afford R14, but maybe you guys could try it! you could make like a guy with a cape with wind going through it. you should try that.

  • You are crazy! :))

  • I love your tutorials Chris thank you, but sometimes you go just a bit too fast and you lose me…there are a lot of short cuts that you have knowledge of and that some of us don’t and you whiz by them so fast that I lose track..and also the way you jump to the next step.. though your tutorials are excellent they are a little too fast at times…for an intermediate person like me..:)

  • fantastic!!!


    keep the joy coming!!!

  • top information. thank you.
    how have you made that ground floor in the first seconds of the preview video? is it possible that you explain it in short terms – cause that looks soo perfect.. thank you.

  • how much fun can a man have with papers flying around and cubes flying around spheres πŸ˜›
    I laughed at some points because your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Great work Chris!

  • man I looooved how much fun you had playing around with the little helicopter dudes. this is awesome:D

  • Fantastic tut, funny and hugely informative, your enthusiasm is bubonic, keep it up πŸ™‚

  • Cool. Your lessons are very helpful to me. Thank you. I am your fan from Russia πŸ™‚

  • can you make a tuto teaching mak a bird and flying motion wih cinema 4d and or after effetcs please .. thanks …

  • Just awesome! Thank you, namesake. Saved the day again.


    i really badly stuck in the making of this kind of paper tearing effects plz forward any of your idea thanks Bro

  • Thanks Chris! Very inspirational and fun tutorial πŸ˜‰

  • Dude your a mad scientist. Simply brilliant.

    DR. Chrisenstein

    Many thanks for all this stuff.

  • Damn good ! How can you make the useful tut like this ? =)) you’ll get more and more our exhortation. And I hope that you make more tutorial about light ( shine though…) , particle ( falling leaves, dandelion … ) awesome like this . Thanks πŸ™‚

  • thank you so much! exactly what i needed!

  • Hey Guys

    so I’ve been struggling attempting to get a piece of cloth to float in place with turbulence whipping it about. what usually happens is it just takes off into the sunset . also Trying to figure out how to control its path without necessarily attaching it to something else . Got some good results with a plane with a jiggle mod on a spline path but wanted to know if a similiar thing can be done with cloth to have it just floating but heavily effected by wind turbulence without it moving crazy

  • The example of the smashing helicopters at the end is excellent! Great tutorial Chris πŸ™‚

  • In this tutorial, You didn’t say how to set up the parameter to the papers touch on the ground. I try it and got the annoyed issue.

  • why i can’t watch the tutorial-video in fullscreen (??!)
    (using firefox 45.0.2)

  • already fixed the problem of my previous post………

  • Hi,some paper will go through the ground,why?

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