After Effects Tutorial – Build a Car Racing scene from Photographs Part 2

April 16, 2009

Here is Part two of my Build a Car Racing scene from Photographs tutorial. In this cast, we concentrate on color correction, compositing, and putting the final touches on our animation.

Part 1 of this tutorial can be found here.

Download the PSD Here

Tutorial Focus:  ,

  • Excellent tutorial!
    When you created this ad for Dodge, where did you get the inspiration for the overall concept and design?

  • Great tutorial,
    in the original commercial you had a cool grungy burn/bleed-in effect as everything starts, could you give a hint as of how that was made?
    Thx for all the effort !

  • Great 2nd part Nick, please answer my questions in the first part if you have the time.

    Very nice tip the “fast blur+lighten mode”.

  • You’re kinda rad, Nick.

  • Thanks, Nick, awesome tutorial. Keep em coming! It wasn’t too crazy, and you’re absolutely right about demostrating some of your workflow. Thanks again!

  • Great tut. I like to watch the process/workflow. I seem to learn more from it. Thanks for sharing. Plus, I am now well hydrated 😉

    Was there a lot of preproduction for something like this or was it kinda free form, make it up as you go along?

  • thanks for this tut Nick, its great to see the work flow and techniques on a ‘real-world’ project -keep it up

  • totally dig the format on these. it’s great to see someone else’s workflow. love it.

  • great tutorial. definitely want more freeform/problem-solving types. especially if you don’t have a concrete end result in mind

    one I would love to see is a tutorial focused on polish, all the little things you add to polish a comp, take it to the next level
    thanks nick!

  • I would say this was the best tutorial I have ever seen. Truly more unscripted tuts are great to understand how you can leap over obstacles. Its the nature of a designer. Keep these styles tuts coming. I learned so much from this!

    Thanks Campbell,….your Tuts are Mmmmm good!


  • Hey, nice tutorial Nick. Thanks alot for the tips. Really appreciated.

  • This was awesome Nick!! Thanks for the help

  • Great stuff mate – thanks a lot for sharing. Love your chilled out pace and the fact that it is not focused on just how to recreate one specific fx, but your whole process/workflow spiced up with those neat tips and tricks.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi, Nick;

    Thanks for this great double tut, I really believe you -even more than Andrew Kramer- have that special ability to communicate an idea that makes one find himself stuck to the tutorials.

    And YES, I totally agree with that other more intuitive workflow in order to show your tuts: it’s great to learn the quick trick of fast blur+lighting blend mode, but I by far prefer when you hesitate and try different settings, reject an effect or you limit its threshold. Because that shows the taste, the designer that lies behind the technician, that little tricky ‘extra’ that makes things stand out and that’s so hard to teach.

  • Thanks Juan. That means a lot. More to come!

  • Wow! Your tuts are some of the best on the web, thanks for all the time you put into sharing the wealth. I learned more about AE in 2 days from these tuts than 6 months playing in the program and browsing other sites.

  • Awesome tutorials… I just found your blog and have been here for hours and hours, very useful information. I really appreciate the time you take to experiment and work around problems (even if I’m sometimes yelling CLOCK WIPE etc. at the screen for a few minutes).

    Just stopping by to say thank you and keep going!

  • I liked it. Just wanted you to know that too 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial

  • Thanks Nick. You are actually make me wanna be a motion designer! You are for me the same as MK12 was for you ! Please Keep up that kind of stuff. Pure Inspiration!
    Bye bye 😉

  • I’m a 60 year old man who is just learning after effects.. This tutorial and your approach to teaching has opened my mind on how AE animation works.. Thank you very much..

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