Andrew Kramer Backstage Interview From Half Rez 2016

May 17, 2017

A backstage interview from Half Rez 2016 with Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot. We talked about how he got started in Motion Design and he gives tips on how YOU can be a better Motion Designers today.

This video was recorded during Half Rez 2016.
Half Rez is a conference to celebrate motion designers held in Chicago IL. Want to be at the next event? Learn more here:

Tutorial Focus:  
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  • Long live Andrew Kramer!

  • best combination ever!

  • Oh!
    My first step in the 3D/After Effects begin with first tutorial from greyscalegorilla & Video Copilot 🙂

  • Will there be a Fullrez next year?

    I’m not spending money to go see a Halfrez.

  • Nick!
    Thank you very much, Israel is watching to you !!!

  • Thank Nick and Andrew, for wonderful interview video. 🙂

  • Great stuff, two of my favorite professionals. Great job.

  • Awesome! Two of my inspirations together, so cool to see they are humble and laid back, and still hard-working. Keep it up, gentlemen!

  • From Nigeria, Andrew, you inspire us all!!!!

  • Andrew Kramer.. I’m quite in awe of him. Especially with that sense of humor on top of it..

  • Thanks to the terrific manual

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