Animating Baymax Using The Cinema 4D Pose Morph Tag

November 13, 2014


In this tutorial, I follow up on how I animated Baymax from Big Hero 6 in my Cinema 4D Jiggle Deformer tutorial by using the Pose Morph Tag. If you’re not familiar with the Pose Morph Tag, be sure to check out my previous Pose Morph tutorial on how it can be used to morph between objects. In this tutorial, I’ll go over applying the Pose Morph tag, setting up your poses and then how to blend between the poses. Finally, I’ll show you how I used the Smooth Deformer to relax some of the geometry as well as Jiggle Deformers for some finishing touches.

Watch the full tutorial and download the Baymax Cinema 4D character rig file below.  Be sure to share with me whatever cool new dance moves you have Baymax learn by animating him using the Pose Morph tag!

Download Animated Baymax Character Rig Cinema 4D Scene File


Watch my Pose Morph Tutorial to learn how to use the Pose Morph to morph between object states.

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  • I’d like to try the tutorial but the link to the source files doesn’t work. Is there an alternate link?

  • How I can loop the animation? Can I do this only with “copy and paste” keyframes?

  • I really interested in how did you rigged this character! I see that you used a Character tool and Arms and it have some controllers in there… soooo it will be great if you will back to this character rig (or other- it doesn’t matter) and explain how it works *)

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