Apple Aperture Usability Walkthrough-Tutorial Part 1

February 23, 2009

Check out how I use Aperture in my photo workflow. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.


  • This was great.. I only have one BIG question, Why don’t you show us all how you are going to put a ring on her finger?! I mean come on, really. I’ll even be in the wedding party.

  • ^lol.

    Nice one once again! good tip about the focus being on the eyes, makes a lot of sense when you think about it but just one of those small things I usually forget.

    Waiting for the next one :]

  • Hey Nick!

    Awesome posts over the last couple of weeks!
    I’m studying motion design and wanting to pick up photography too. I was wondering if you could do a post sometime about starting out? As in what cameras to look at when making your first purchase… people who inspired you to take photos… Anything you learned the hard way and things to avoid… something like that would be awesome and probably compliment your Aperture post above really well!
    Keep up all the good work man for all us little gorillas 🙂


  • It’s great to see your work flow in Aperture. I go through very similar steps (though editing with less confidence)…which is good to know. Thanks!

    Maybe this is already planned for part II, but could you share how you catalog/back up your pictures? I don’t imagine you can keep all those pictures in the aperture library on the computer HD. Do you keep them as referenced images on your Drobo? I’d love to know the details of how you manage your large volume of files.

  • Great post, I am really enjoying your tutorials and insight.

    One question – I’ve been following your posts for a while and noticed that you like to shoot wide open, any particular reason?

  • Daniel: I usually shoot wide open because I like shallow depth of field. Wide open = BOKEH!! 🙂

  • Even for shots like this? or this It looks like you wouldn’t gain anything (like bokeh) by shooting that wide, Is it an available light issue as well?

  • Daniel: It’s usually the case that my camera is typically wide open on aperture mode. And if the scene doesn’t call for anything else, I will keep it that way. Only when I need a large depth of field, or when the light is too bright, do I stop down the lens.

  • Hey, what hardware are you using (Mac Wise) It seems your Mac never hangs up. I saw you had a Mac book, but is that what you really work on?

  • Joshua: My main workstation is a Dual Quad Core Mac Pro. Ram is the key to not hanging or beach-balling. I have 8GB and that seems to be the sweet spot for price also.

  • Wow, then that makes sense. Thats an awesome powerful rig. No wonder there is never lag. I’m trying to make way over to a 24″ IMac. But I’m really upset they put glossy screens on them.

    Maybe one day i’ll be able to afford a dual quad core. Sigh. 😛

  • I stumbled upon this while jumping link trains from photoblog to photoblog and I learned so much! Thanks! I just bought Aperture a couple of weeks ago and started playing with it this morning. Now I think I might have a clue! I really appreciated your time and effort.

  • Hi, you work with cr2 files or with JPG files. I can’t work with cr2 files in aperture. Thanks. I need some tips to work with.

  • Nice tut, thanks bunches. Hey, when you add a control panel like ‘monochrome mixer’, how do you remove it?

  • thanks GSG! i bought the app last week and i dig your aperture tutorial the most.

  • Very helpful for this new to Aperture Photographer!

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