Apple Aperture Usability Walkthrough-Tutorial Part 2

February 24, 2009

Make sure to check out Apple Aperture Usability Walkthrough Part 1.


  • Hey Gregor,

    Thanks for the quick run-through, got me excited about using Aperture again for my work flow. Quick question: for your external editor file format, do you use TIFF or PSD? Any reason for preference of one over the other?

    Appreciate it!


  • Great run through. All the casts have been very informative. It would be cool if you did one on sound design for motion and another on 3D for motion/after effects. Thanks for all the info and time!

  • Hey dude, love the tut. Here is suggestion for you. You written about doing street photography before and was wondering if you’d go into it a little more. Awesome stuff.

  • Wonderfully informative and helpful as usual, Nick! It’s very bold of you to share your workflow with the rest of us but we are ever so grateful! I am a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts and thank you kindly for the ‘M’ key to toggle between the master version and any adjustments. Here’s one in turn… command-shift-C to lift (or copy) adjustments from a selected photo and command-shift-V to stamp (or paste) those adjustments onto other photos. I’m an editor and the shortcut is the same for copy and pasting attributes in FCP. Cheers!

  • This command-shift-O you speak of. I must be missing something because all I get is a pleasant little tone.

  • Ian

    You may have to set the “External Editor Option” to Photoshop in your Aperture Preferences.

  • Wow. That was quick! Thanks. I have to hand it to you. I have been a fan of your site/work for quite awhile now. I was just telling someone how cool it was to see it mature into not only great vehicle to display some cool work, but a resource and inspiration as well. Not to be over the top, but I appreciate your commitment. But enough with that. The real question is Tiff or PSP? 300dpi? Just got PS after all this time. I’ll be mainly printing and posting.

  • hey nick, i just found your site a couple of days ago and I really enjoy what you’re doing. I agree that the most interesting type of tutorial is one that shows your workflow rather than what a list of what all the buttons do. hope to see more
    anyways thanks so much and consider me a daily reader!

  • Great workflow vid. I’ve been watching a lot of the GSG casts and this was one of my favorites. I have Aperture and I think this just helped me get some more value out of it.

    Thanks for doing this, your work is inspirational for me.

  • Awesome tutorials, really helped me get started in Aperture. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks! I learn a lot, i think i’m gonna use aperture instead of iPhoto. Great Tutorial.

  • Hey Nick – just an idea, but how’s about creating a Flickr group for your peeps to share any photos we upload that employ these advanced techniques you’ve been tutorializing up here? Here’s an example of a picture I did some post-processing in Aperture, then exported to Photoshop to add a nice vignette, some curve adjustments and your invaluable “blue channel black level” trick to give it a film look…

    cheers – keep ’em comin 🙂


  • how big is your aperture library?
    mine is about 50gb. im wondering if sooner of later it will start slowing down the bigger it gets.

  • man i really like how you do tutorial
    i would love to see how you use adobe after effects and animation motion graphics

  • Great videos, I can’t wait to see what sort of post processing you do in photoshop after you’ve done what you want in aperture.

  • Hey i just found your Aperture Walktrough and i think this is really great. I learned a some new things how to use Aperture especially the keyboard shortcuts.
    How do you handle jpg exports of your photos for the web? Do you import them into aperture as well or do you use aperture only for the RAW Files?

  • Just wanted to say thank you! Read a ton of other stuff on Aperture and this was by far the most helpful.

  • hi nick.

    i googled for some good aperture overview, and yours really was both complete and simple to follow.

    keep up. Greetings from Dominican Republic.

  • How do save a photo from Aperture back to a SD card?

  • Sounds like you got too used to playing with toy cmareas, where all you ever had to worry about was a bit of manual focus and the odd cloudy/daylight setting!

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