Are you making these 5 Animation Mistakes in Cinema 4D?

September 5, 2017


In this video, Nick talks about the 5 biggest mistakes new animators make when starting to animate in Cinema 4D. Learn what they are and how you can begin to learn the right way to animate in Cinema 4D.

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  • So true Nick. It’s funny how long I’ve actively been avoiding to analyse cartoons and learn the basics of animation. I realised that in each field of art, beginners dash off into the distance, only to come back to the very start of it all, because they eventually hit a gigantic brick wall they couldn’t overcome without some solid basics. Sorry about the rant… 😀

  • Good video Nick,

    I like your products and your tutorials. All you guys do is of big help and when all is said and done is a real blessing.

  • Hey Nick,
    Which “principles of animation” book were you referring to with “one of the best ones” with “cartoon characters all over it?”

  • OK. i hadn’t seen the rest. was worried it was just a mention. i will get the survival kit. thanks so much!

    you can delete these comments if you’d like. obvs!

  • I have learned everything in animation from you . You work so hard for your students .
    Thank you.
    After some time i will become animator like you .

  • Being a professional video animator these are the biggest mistakes which new animators make when starting to animate in Cinema 4D. They should learn and see this video for their learning.

  • Great video for the animators thanks for the video glad to find this post Thanks a lot 🙂

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