#AskGSG 11: Make Bunched Up Cloth Texture In Cinema 4D

January 11, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “hecaton” asks about recreating the furniture fabric in this lounge seat. The lounge seat was created by french designer Mattis Ensault.

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  • great as always Nick

  • Final image looks like a bunch of asses in glamorous pants sorry guys =) Maybe I need to pass a Rorschach test

  • Very cool looking 🙂

  • Hi Nick, thanks again for this tutorial and the ones yet to come!

    I have a question though: in your earlier tutorials, you always kinda recommended using ‘Progressive’ as your Physical Render setting, yet in your latest tutorials you seem to prefer the ‘Automatic’ setting.
    Is this correct? Do you prefer ‘Automatic’ over ‘Progressive’? And if so, could you tell me why?

    Thanks again!

    the netherlands

    • You can use either. Now that we have Team Render setup in the office, it’s a bit quicker to get results with a low quality automatic render. It’s mostly a workflow difference.

  • hi,

    nice tut but how can i have this kind texture with c4d r15 please ?


  • Like they say, ‘Long time listener, first time caller.’
    With regard to upping the base geometry to improve displacement vs putting result into a hyperNURB/subD, the order you do it yields differing results:
    – In the order you had it you’ll simply ’round off’ the jaggy displacement, rather than create more geometry to allow a smoother displacement. This CAN give cool results, for example creating a metaball with rather large polys and then rounding it in a subD.
    – To create neater lines or pinches I find it works better to either increase the base gemetry poly-count (analogous to increasing ‘sub-poly displacement’ in a material displacement channel) OR place your subD-ed object in a Null, with the Displace Deformer as a child of the same Null. Then the Deformer will displace the divided geometry. This means, of course, you can tweek the editor/render subD values to keep a fast work flow but with nice renders.

    Sorry, that went on a bit long. Hope that helps someone sometime.

    Regards to all


    PS. Seriously, animated metaballs with dead large polys, but subD rounded edges. Really nice effect. You should all have a play.

  • Actually,

    my first guess would have been to use a fresnel shader in the colour channel.

    But this works too.

    Great tutorial

  • LOVE this! Even if just to learn more about the fabric settings, powerful tool!

  • Where do I have to ask the questions? I really need to find the answer of a question.

  • hi, nice tutorials~
    Nick, you can double click the picture viewer for fit size or 100% size viewing..:P

  • This was so much fun to watch. I am trying to reproduce this but I want an image on top of it and not a color. How can i make this work? Like you watching a canvas decoration u know what I mean?

  • Awesome, just awesome!

  • Nick, what were your eventual final render settings? Thanks…

  • O man, so good. What a genius!

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