#AskGSG 15: Use Mograph To Clone Spikes onto a Letter With Cinema 4D

January 15, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “Rod EiJia” asks about this cool image of a spiky letter by RDN Studio. Here is a link to his full project.

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  • clone spikes onto mesh
    deformation can be done using Displacer with Proximal shader looking at spikes
    (use a hidden duplicate of the mesh without the Displacer for spikes placement)

    there is also a plugin that imitates ‘pinched’ leather surface (with those little wrinkles), you can use spiky buttons with it:

  • When you finish this 30 day series, I think it would be awesome to make another tutorial about making an interior, Chris models it and you light and texture it Nick!
    I think that would be really cool!
    Also car modeling tutorial and just tips about modeling a car by Chris would be awesome as well!
    Cheers! 😀

  • hey thanks Nick
    glad it inspires you !

    Cyril aka Rdn studio

  • here is a quick tip how to make that wrinkles…


    but instead of use text object is needed to model that letter

  • you could use the collision deformer that’d do it
    … i guess!!

  • First, sorry to all for my bad English, I only speak Spanish, I’m not Cadre, just do it as a hobby, this is my result, with a little personal touch


    I hope you like it

  • Hello !!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful tutorial. I’m new here and do not know where to get the plueguin “super text”.Might you tell me where I get it. Thank you very much. Greetings from Mexico!!!

  • hello I am Brazilian, where do I get that plugin Supertext

  • ah I understand, this plugin has to pay to have. It will be difficult for me to buy this Supertext.

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