#AskGSG 16: Build On And Assemble A Roller Coaster Piece By Piece

January 16, 2015

In this Ask GSG, “cheke16” asks about how to build on a model similar to this great piece from Anthimos Xenos.

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  • you forgot “scale on edge” in the cloner object.
    this simple 0%-100% slider wouldve achieved the same result as your initial make editable on the cloner object (with your scale keyframes)

  • however, your solution makes for a more interesting animation.

  • Thank you Chris! It would be very helpful for architects too. Waiting for more stuff like that.

  • Chris Schmidt This is COOOOOOOL
    NICE TUTORIAL *****************

  • I learned as much from the mistakes and dead ends as the successes. Great vid.

  • Great to see the struggle we all go through when hitting dead ends. However the difference is that you are able come up with a different solution in a minute 🙂

  • Christopher Tombrink February 14, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Hey Chris,

    Would be awesome if you could show us how you would fix those errors you ran into near the end of the tutorial, with the roller coaster twisting because of the spline, or maybe it was because of something else, don’t know, since I think I might be having a similar problem! Thanks in any case already for this awesome tutorial, helped me a lot already! 🙂

  • nice tutorial chris.
    I think the problem is the spline`s point values. when you add points to the splines with knife cut, the point values may change. additionally, when yo do this in the perspective view they may change the values… if you equal the point values of the splines points, there will be no weirdness… I think. worth a try.


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