#AskGSG 19: Build An Animated Exploded Parts View

January 19, 2015

In this Ask GSG, “gustavoben” asks about how to explode out separate parts from a model like this cool piece by Sorin.

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  • Hello, I have learn a lot during the years that I have watch you guys playing with Cinema 4d and i want to thank you for this.

    I found out a cool plug-in (“tool”) to have fun with and is called X-PARTICLES, hope you can show us some cool tutorials what do you think :)? it will be fun, in case you like the idea i am looking for a liquid and object interactions set up, i don’t know yet the full potential of this plug-in so if you know more it will be grate if you can show us some tricks 🙂


  • Thanks. Quick fix!!

  • Hey Nick, great tutorial again. Take a look on that one. Thought it fits 😉


  • Lorcan O’Shanahan’s presentation from Siggraph 2014, scrub to 05:42 for more in-depth break-down ‘explosion’ effect:


  • Hi there¡

    Great stuff guys, Thank you:)
    Thinking of the uses of the Plain…Could be possible that the Plain effector (Fall off) will be driven by the Sound effector?

    Thank You so much¡

  • Nice Tutorial!!

    Quick question, how can we rotate those individual parts as they are being broken apart? so they dont look too still..

  • Awesome tutorial! Exactly what i needed to know!

  • Hello. I have a scene with an object composed of different parts. I do everything on the lesson and did not get .

  • You used to have a tutorial or a video of a watch face or a watch model with this effect where the parts separate and then come back together. Couldn’t seem to find it anywhere.

    Do you still have that tut or video?
    Thanks again!

  • How did you prepare the model, mine always separates into many parts which should be connected, for example all the threaded holes get separated from the object? My model came from Siemens NX.

    Best Regards

  • Hi,
    I’m new with C4D.

    I tried to do exactly what you’ve done, but de effector plain seems to not works on my objet. I did the fracture thing but no matter what, it doesn’t work. Can you help me please?

    (sorry for my english, i’m french…)

    *thanks for all your works and helpfull videos guys!)

  • Hi everyone…

    Here is my current problem. I have a model of a gun that I want to create an exploded view of; by that I mean I want to show all the component parts come together in space to form the object. I watched the GSG tutorial on how to do this, and although it is a fairly simple procedure I am having issues. I cannot share my file due to NDA (it isn’t actually a gun, but is a gun-shaped scanning device). So here is my situation:

    I open the file. The gun is comprised of about 300 objects. The file was in a folder called VRML 97 and I do not believe was created in C4D as it asks about scale when opening.
    I add a Connect Object, then apply Current State to Object.
    I place the Current State object into a Fracture Object, and enable Explode Segments.
    I render at various times during this process, and all is fine. Same simple material for all objects.
    I then add a Plane Effector, and here is where my troubles begin. The object disappears from the viewport (but not the list), and rendering generates a black frame.
    I double check the parameters on the Plane Effector, just a small move along the x-axis at this point, and I give the Plane effector a Falloff Box, and make sure it encloses the gun. Still nothing, even if I slide the falloff around. Sometimes the object is visible (I try all sorts of variations) but the Plane Effector has no effect.

    I realize that this probably isn’t enough to go on, but as I said I cannot share the file so this is really kind of a hail Mary attempt in hopes that I am missing something basic and obvious (to all but me that is). I am working in R14 Broadcast.

    Bonus question: the geometry of the object contains a lot of triangular pieces, and I fear that if/when I solve my exploded problem, the separated parts will look more like bomb fragments or shards rather than component pieces. Is there any way to change that?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Sounds like you may need to remodel many of these parts to make them more C4D friendly. Sometimes CAD data or manufacturing models come in all jacked up, contain tons of parts, bad normals, and all sorts of bad stuff. Often it’s best to just re-model them.

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