#AskGSG 22: Pop a Balloon With Cloth Dynamics

January 22, 2015

In this Ask GSG, “fredbarnes” asks about popping a balloon, like in this piece by sean hunt. I will show you how to pop a balloon (or any geometry) using cloth dynamics and particle effectors.

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  • Another cracking tutorial. Hope you’re getting loads of buzz from this, guys.

  • It’s like you’re reading my mind! Just yesterday i was trying to figure out how to do this!

  • I used this technique in the last GSG 5 Second Project that seemed to vanish into oblivion…


  • Im using Cinema 15 and after the first “Tear” step it doesnt work for me. And even adding some positive numbers into the Attractor it doesnt make that “suck in” effect.

  • Like this tutorial. But I’m left wondering what else can be done to the balloon especially making it more like bubblegum popping, and any way of adding viscosity ?

  • ok so maybe i am missing something basic. but when i get to the step of adding the cloth tag, and run the animation, my sphere just drops down out of frame. yours stays as if existing in a vacuum. Why is this?

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