#AskGSG 23: How To Create An Abstract Drippy Effect

January 23, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “mariobuendia108” asks how to create an abstract drippy effect like in this great render from Beeple.

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  • Awesome tutorial. Thanks, Nick.
    Quick question, any idea how this can be achieved in 3d?



  • Nick plz help me with this…..

    from 36 sec the ball blast….

    • The easiest way to go about this is to use 3DsMax instead, Cinema 4D simply doesn’t have a plug-in for this kind of destruction, you could use thrausi, xbreaker, nitroblast or catastrophe (I believe they are all from nitroman) but that will not give you the result you’re after. Get 3DsMax with the rayfire plug-in, add some FumeFX and you’re halfway there (I even think the clip you posted is made with rayfire).

  • Hey Nick, I think what we saw from BEEPLE was his spin on this X-Particles tutorial from fxchannelhouse found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08BDlITpsHg with the skinner for the fluid look and a secondary emitter just to generate some background noise, and as usual for him he rendered it all out in octane. Take care buddy!

  • Again nice tutorial Nick. I´m following this site quite a long time now( 4-5 years i think). I´m more in modeling stuff but still learn a lot from every Video. Especially when it comes to lighting, animations and textures. Thanks for all the effort and lifeblood you guys have put into this page through the years. I´m a silent watcher so this is my very first post here.
    Take a look at this little PlugIn http://mymotiongraphics.tv/downloads/motiondrop . I think you can do pretty much the same with it. It´s free .

  • Hey Nick and the GSG Community,

    Any idea how to reproduce this kind of image.


  • Hi Nick! Nice Tutorial! They are always amazing and super useful! 🙂 I’d want to do this animation in Cinema. How can I obtain this explosion and, over all, colorful effect?
    I think it could be interesting for a lot of people if you make a tutorial about this! 🙂 Anyway thank you for your work!


  • Hi Nick, don’t you think that a basic emitter with a tracer object combined with a metaball would have produced a more organic, drippy result?

  • Not sure where to ask, so I’ll ask here)

    Looking for ways to make similar images as here:

    Do you think its made with something like a cloner and effectors? Or maybe there’s a plugin that can do this?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • loved this, thank you

  • I don’t have a falloff tab for my twist deformer and I suppose that’s why I’m getting this problem when I try to twist my cloner?


    • Hi rwbronco, my reply is late, but maybe it can help someone else.
      Maybe your issue is because you have not set enough segments to your cylinder.

  • Hey Nick, thx for the Tut! Here is my version for the Abstract Drippy Effect:

    More work from me on: http://www.4dm-works.com/

  • The easiest way to achieve this in C4D would probably be to use a helix-spline in a metaball object. Using the provided cinema tag ‘Metaball’ on the spline lets you add definition to the spline. Adding one or several spheres in the metaball at the end of the spline for the drop-effect.

    Clone the metaball and add random effector – or make editable and goof around with the geometry – for more randomness.

  • Im wondering how could we do this kind of effect…i tried a lot… if possible could u try making a tutorial of it?
    thank you..

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