#AskGSG 26: Make A Broken Up Glass Abstract Piece In Cinema 4D

January 26, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “yoshiklarenbeek″ asks how to make a broken up glass abstract piece like in this great piece from Joey Camacho.

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  • I was just on Behance looking at c4d projects and was on Camancho’s page. I figured “lets see whats new over at GSG” and noticed Camancho’s picture here. weird.. nice outcome btw, I will have to give this tutorial a go. Cheers.

  • Joey Camacho is an amazing 3d artist. Thanks for replicating one of his piece.

  • Hi, Nick

    I love you and your work. I have a channel, in Brazil, to teach CG to the poor people, to improve some chances to make the life better for them. I believe that persons like you doesn´t know the reality of the poor countries in the world. They have an internet moved by candles, or something like this. I usually download your work to teach this people, with its relative credits. I need to do this, because the internet in these countryside fails all the time. They need to understand, stop the video, viewing again and so on. Slowly. Things that staying impossible to do directly by the internet. Think about this. You should make your work be easy to download, making a watermark for the credits, because no one can use this to another thing, I guess. You cannot imagine how are the world outside the US, my friend. There are war, but there are peace. I believe in peace. I work for it. A hug, my friend.

  • Hey.
    Joey Camacho’s other images are awesome too ! I will try to do something similar to one of his “fish eggs” particles images. I really like them.

  • Heres my take on the tutorial. I added some exploding broken shards around the glass. Fun stuff. thanks Nick! http://imgur.com/F9qDOzx

  • Hello Nick,
    I’am working on a project in which I should showcase a bottle that I made but I’m having a bunch of problems with it.
    For example:
    – When I put my glass material it doesn’t show the edges very good and the inside is really weird the glass looks like its broken.
    And I get everything that I DON’T want.
    The model has ” a lot of edges ” which I want to put out, and I want it to have a Modern, High-End, Authentic look.
    So could you help me? ( Cinema 4D r16 )

    PS. I’m short on time i have only a few more days until I have to show the project.
    2#PS. I love all your GSG videos! I watched them all and tried most of them in C4D.
    Best regards,

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