#AskGSG 30: Build an Animated Balloony Abstract Reveal

January 30, 2015

In this Ask GSG, “mariodarnadi″ asks how to build an animated balloony abstract reveal like in this great piece from tim van der wiel.

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  • Would a symmetry object not work? Dropping the Cloner into a symmetry?…just curious. Im gonna try this later when I get home with a symmetry and see…..Gonna miss the month of January, good work GSG team

  • This is amazing!!! Thanks a lot for this 30 days. You should this more often.

  • Thanks for this tuto.
    That effect is very nice.

    To avoid problems with displacer and cloner, you can put cloner and the displacer in a null object at the same hierarchy level (displacer not child of cloner).

  • The real funny part is when you make those voices… C4D 30% Nick all the rest!

  • hey Nick check out this cool Render engine for cinema 4d
    & based on GPU
    <<<<<<<< also 50 to 90 times faster then any render on earth

  • awesome that my work is featured on this website, Im actually a max user myself but Im learning myself some c4d on the side in my spare time, Great tutorial thanks!

  • Hi Nick,

    thanks for this great tutorial.

    I would have use a much simplier way to achieve this. (I tried and it works great).
    Instead of splitting the cloner in 2 separate ones, you just have to animate the Y value of the cloner’s step. In the mean time, you move back the cloner itself along his Y axis, so the middle clone stays in place.
    I’m even quite sure it would be possible to use XPresso to automaticaly adjust the movement of the cloner accordingly to the step modification, so at the end it would only 2 keyframes to animate the step…

  • January has 31 days. how about 1 copper for the last day?

  • hey Nick i love your all stuff , your tutorials are amazing , but for this tutorial i have tried to make half and put it in a symmetry it works nice

    thanks for this nice tutorials , and i hope to make a nice render results like yours

  • cool i love it , thanks Nick

  • Hey Nick and the GSG Team,

    I’d just like to ask for a tutorial explaining how to create these realistic feeling rooms with these cool looking camera angles and splitting color surfaces for branding.


    Thanks for the great tutorials! 🙂

  • What happened to the x-particles tutorials “coming soon?”

  • Would love to see a tutorial on how this was made:

    I really love all your tutorials , and its make a very use for me
    but i hope you can make an other full project like the Mine Cart one


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