#AskGSG 9: Abstract Mograph Top-Lit Pile Of Stuff Thing

January 9, 2015


In this Ask GSG, “acisme” asks how to build a pile of stuff like in this cool image from rawandrendered.

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  • I´m sorry Nick, but this is quite disappointing.
    I´ve been following your site for years now and you taught me a lot (and introduced my to C4D)…in the beginning at least but the 30 days 30 tutorial series screams quantity over quality.
    It feels like a repetition of things you did years ago without giving any new tipps and/or inspirations. It definitley is Chris who keeps me coming back again and again, because he teaches new and even more advanced stuff besides the mandatory spheres/cube/abstract object lit by your softboxes.

    Comparing you to Andrew Kramer I have to say, he constantly increased his quality over the years ( i dont talk about his homepage or products) but you seem to stagnate for a while now.

    I may have become to demanding but I´ll find myself bored about most of the stuff released latley.
    Please dont get me wrong, I basically really like the way you (and Chris of course) teach us things in a non-scripted way, facing problems during the process and fixing them but they are people out there (like myself) who hunger for more advanced stuff.

    • I think Chris would be a better fit for where you are today for sure. I tend to focus on Mograph and Lighting. Sorry this tutorial wasn’t for you, but also remember that there are people at all levels of learning and they ask different questions then someone that has been watching our tutorials for so long like you. I want to be sure that we are always still here for people just starting to learn all this fun stuff.

      We label tutorials by who made them and we have plenty made by Chris coming soon. I hope you stick around and check those out.

      Most importantly, thanks so much for watching over the years.


      • Love the videos! I have learned so much in a short amount of time! I was on Lynda.com for a while learning C4D, but the lessons were really bland and uninteresting as they worked on some pretty crappy looking projects. Your lessons are awesome.

      • I agree with you now.at first i did not fully understand that perhaps it was I that was beyond Basics.After that huge revelation,I got a drink and calmed down….
        But…..I feel your pay site is not for me.if i were to pay for these tuts i would prob agree with most of the comments,”Way to basic”there must be some thing im missing there?

    • w00dy …

      The tutorials on GSG are free. Hmmm … let us say that word again … “FREE”.

      We take what we can from the tutorials GSG provides.

      If you learn … Great !

      If you don’t … It’s OK !

      Why is it OK ? … Because, I can promise you that someone else is learning from the tutorial that taught you nothing.

      All my best to you,

    • Man, I have to agree. Not trying to bash, but even for a beginner this shouts, “Are you just throwing things in a scene and lighting them?” These quick tutorials really do seem like quantity over quality. Even when I was brand new to C4D, I came here for really in-depth and cool looking stuff. This just seems very odd. I know I sound like a jerk, but I don’t know how else to put it. Hopefully you take this as constructive rather than bashing.

    • This guys a giant ass hat.

      Thank you for helping GSG, your a huge inspiration and resource for me. And great month so far too, keep it up. I check every day and look forward to every tip and trick you’ve offered.

  • I think, in every tutorial, even in simple one like this, you can find something interesting in a way of building a scene, objects or some new methods of modeling. For example, I’ve been using 3dsmax for over 16 years and I’m trying to studying C4D so i haven’t knew that simple method of creation a cylinder from the interleaved spheres using “null” in a subtree. Sure I could make it easy in Max but in C4D it looks more elegant and quicker, so this was useful tutorial despite it’s simplicity.

  • u good man

  • Love the way how nick is now doing some modelling and saying some shortcuts thingy… Thanks to Chris I guess… More power! I hope I could join the patron to be posted…

  • I really wish people would stop with the stupidly nasty comments. These people are giving you some pretty valuable information for free every day if its not giving you enough then maybe its time you started doing your own tutorials if your that good. Thank you to the makers of these videos keep them coming its awesome material regardless of what skill level you are!

  • Kudos to the GSG community. Thanks for your professional insight to all degrees and rocking out the tutorials for all shapes n sizes. Lets keep it to a dull roar folks, lest just be grateful we have GSG in our tools belts

  • I’m just laughing at the title… LOL

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