AskGSG Live At NAB 2015 – How to Light Scenes With Mostly Black Textures

May 26, 2015


Here is the recording from when Chris and I did our AskGSG Show live from the NAB floor. The first question was about how to light a scene with black textures. Then we show a fun way to make mirror boxes in Cinema 4D. It was stressful to answer questions on the spot, but pretty fun. Thanks again to Cineversity for recording the entire NAB set of presentations.

AskGSG Live From NAB 2015

NAB 2015 Rewind – Nick Campbell and Chris Schmidt: AskGSG Live from Cineversity.

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  • How can i make this growing plant with some objects inside?


    • William Morren May 28, 2015 at 9:07 am

      Hi John, to create the growing branches you can do this:
      1) Draw a (freehand or bezier) spline (in the form of the curly branch).
      2) Ceate a circle spline and give it the thickness the branch would be at the bottom.
      3) Put both splines in a “sweep nurbs” (with the circle spline as the first).
      4) Click on the created “sweep nurbs” and set the “End Scale” parameter to 25% (or lower as you like).
      5) Animate the “End Growth” from 0% to 100%
      6) DONE

  • I really miss Nick’s old tutorials style…
    I really miss the contest and the whole chabang of discovering artists and people…

    You guys are doing a great job with your website, the tutorials are amazing, but I miss the old school Gsg.

    I feel some things have changed.
    This website is starting to look more and more like a school…

    Lots of love.

  • Hey Guys, I really appreciate the level of commitment you have to sharing knowledge with the C4D community. I often get so much more out of your tutorials than simply what’s being shown, picking up little tips and tricks for effective application usage, and your plugins are top notch!

    I have a question regarding this recent tutorial with the business card holder. Following along, I use the Edge Cut tool as shown, and my efforts result in unselectable edges that are a lighter shade of blue than the standard edges. Is there something i may have off that should be on or vice versa?

    Thanks for being my go to resource when looking for new things to do with Cinema 4D!

    • Hey Will, sounds like you were seeing N-Gon lines. Those result when point are put on lines but aren’t attached to enough things. C4D works really well with quads and triangles, but when you go above that (ie a 5 sided object) it will figure out how to split it up into triangles and quads and you get those light blue lines. I’d advise to avoid them if you can and be cognizant of making only triangles and quadrangles.

  • Great work guys. GSG is my “go-to” for all things C4D. I want a GSG tee. I’d love to see more tuts on expresso (specifically a breakdown on the different nodes); they’re hard to find. Also, the project based tuts like the mine shaft and popcorn are so helpful. Keep it up!

  • Hey Nick, great video. I remember watching it live when it was on.

    Unrelated, but I’d love to know how this image was created, and more specifically how it was lit so perfectly.

    Keep up the great work, thanks!

  • @Chris – you rock!!

  • Thank you nick for your powerful tutorials and great lessons. you have made me even more confident about life. thank you specially.
    this will be my first question on on the ASKGNG network.
    i am from Nigeria, and i am a great fan. i want to know how best some can achieve a CLOTH-LIKE material that morphs or animate into , say the LOVE SYMBOL. thank you so much for your immense help. God Bless you mightily.

  • Hi Chris, I learned so much over the years from these tutorials. In every one there are least a few tips and tricks to make the workflow easier or faster. I never thought I could return the favour. I know from watching your tutorials how you aim for the most effective way to get things done. But… since you repeated two times the MF command and followed the same routine to get to two cuts near the edge of your object, i am prety shure the next little thing will come in handy. Slide the Scale parameter in the MF(Edge Cut) command with the subdivision set to 2 eh voila, you can slide the cuts to the edge of your object. No need for the extra delete steps and you can fine-tune the distance to the edge in one go. You’re welcome (just kidding, keep up the good work)

  • Hey guys, thx for the inspiration!
    Here is what I created:
    Added PolyFX with random effector, golden sky for reflections..

  • More people as like Nick,
    More peaceful and easy life

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