The Best New Features Inside Cinema 4D R21

September 6, 2019

Get to know all the best new features in the latest Cinema 4D release 21 in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, Nick calls up Andy Needham to walk him through the new features in Cinema 4D R21. Learn about the new user interface, Field Force, caps and bevels, and so much more.

The Best New Features Inside Cinema 4D R21 - Particles

Cinema 4D R21 features covered:

  • User Interface
  • Custom Icons
  • Field Force
  • Particles
  • Thinking Particles
  • Caps and Bevels
  • Modeling with Bevels
  • Volumes
  • Denoising
  • OpenVDB
  • Render Settings
  • Pro-Render vs Physical
  • Subfields
  • Nodes

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  • when will me plugins be compatible witrh r21

  • my first purchased version of cinema 4D was a version when they called it XL and it was around 1998. So i think it was V4 or 5, i guess.

  • GSG plugins for R21 do not work on my 2012 Mac Pro dual boot High Sierra / Win 10 pro 64

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