Better Ways to Manage Lights in Arnold for Cinema 4D

August 30, 2017

In a recent YouTube Live Stream, Chad shows how to use the new Light Manager Tool and Light Group AOVs in Arnold for Cinema 4D.

If you’ve ever had a large scene with more than ten lights you know how difficult it can be to select and manipulate those lights quickly. In a recent update (2.0.1), Arnold released the Light Manager which makes the process of manipulating dozens of lights MUCH easier. In addition to the Light Manager, a new light group AOV workflow was introduced to allow per light AOVs to be rendered all at the same time. Learn all of this and more in this recent YouTube stream.

What You’ll Learn:

  • C4DtoA Light Manager Tool
  • Light Group AOVs
  • AOV Shaders
  • Why splitting out different lights into passes can sometimes be a good idea.

Show Notes:

Tutorial Focus:  

  • Note that I’ve done a similar light lister for
    c4d =>
    redshift =>
    corona =>

    It’s free, and open source (not the cleanest but read github for more informations about that)

  • Hi Chad, why do you prefer using ‘Exposure’ over ‘Intensity’?
    Many thanks for your tutorial!

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