Blog Update And Photo Workflow for 05-22

May 22, 2009

Hi everybody, Here is a quick update for the blog and a quick little Photoshop workflow tutorial for my latest post.

First off, I apologize about the delay in responding to Emails. Keep the questions and feedback coming though. I will have some more time after this job ends in June.

Five Second Projects Due Date for prizes is tonight, Friday at midnight. I will keep the channel open of submissions for one more week though.


  • Trevor McPherson May 22, 2009 at 11:52 am

    thanks… that was a goofy ending 😉

  • I enjoy having a variety of photo/motion since I do both. Maybe some stuff on the combination of them?

  • Ya,combo. That should be a 5 second theme. Animated stills only. Preferably pics shot within the week of the theme too.

  • You are helping so many people. Thank you!!! Please say hi to Gene Park for me.

  • That Job in June is over early June right?

  • These process going through videos are waaaaaay better than any regular tutorials! Thanks so much for them Nick. Would it be really tough to try doing something similar with AE?

  • nice photo and happy to see you finally smile on your video !
    anyway, just wanted to say your blog and a great source of inspiration and tips so thank you.
    also just a add on to your photoshop background tip, use shift+bucket tool on your background to change the color. and change your foreground color to whatever you want it to be.

  • Hi Nick!First of all: thank you for the blog!It’s a great resource and 5 second projects are great!
    I have a question for you: If I work in a studio, but I also have a personal web site, where I want to promote my self and maybe get some freelance work; how do I have to manage my showreel? I have to put in only personal work? Work made in studio with maybe the name of some client on? 50-50?

    Thank you


  • Another awesome tut. Thank you Nick. Seriously keep it up. I agree wholeheartedly with an earlier post: these tutorials are “waaaaaaay” better than regular tutorials.
    THANKS!! (Keep up the corny endings.)

  • please don’t forget the interview for my thesis.
    thanks Nick!

    cheers from Austria

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