Broken Apart Movie Title with Cinema 4D and Transform

June 4, 2012

In this tutorial, I show you how to quickly build and break apart a movie title or logo using Cinema 4D and Transform. Then, we head into After Effects to add color correction and finish compositing the scene.


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  • Hehe letted me think to the bourne ultimatem movie

  • Hey, i like to see how to transform a text into another. Or an object as well.

    • Yes, me too!!

      And of course there is this one more question …. how to texture the different pieces like they did in the title of the Bourne Legacy. Is that posible with your Transform plugin?!

  • Sweet! Been trying to find something like this, thanks!

  • Thank you Nick. I’m gonna trying.

  • Hey, hey ! You’re last Tweet suggested you’re giving us some of your wisdom and skills in this particular teaser. Thank you !

  • What a great plugin. I’ve used it a several times now. It is fast and works great. And I haven’t even tried the custum-preset yet. You and your team have done a great job!

  • Hey nick I’ve been getting an issue with my transform and I don’t know how to fix it. instead on the camera in effect coming into the camera its sending the text directly up. Can you help me figure out what’s up. thanks

    Here is a screen shot I took.

  • Hiya Nick,

    It’s the Shift button that makes everything a child of the thing you click 😀

    Love the stuff you do! Keep it up!

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for another great tutorial, any chance we could have the AE project file? cheers

  • Cool but argh, lens flares killed me..

  • Great stuff mate!… I really couldn’t think of anything better than the actual title,, hahaha…


  • Thank you for great plugin. I made something with that:
    Maybe you can have a look ?

  • Nick, to group stuff just select them, then right click ang choose “GROUP OBJECTS” – or even easier … press Option+G (Alt+G) on keyboard 🙂

  • Is that the painting from Ghostbusters 2 behind you? Also…great tutorial and plugin

  • Nick can you please help me? The way it looks when I try to animate it is unusual.. and for some reason my text has about 2500 less polys in it! How do I increase the amount of polys my text has so the render looks better? Thanks, Nikolai.

  • NitroBlast >

  • hey nick wen i render using the transform plugin the edge of the letters just scatter

  • pls i would be very greatful if anyone can help fix the problem.I’m new and i’m using the transform plugin but when i render the text just scatter on the edge.

  • what about texturing each chunk with some images just like in the Bourne trailer?
    some suggestions about to achieve this effect?


  • hmm, idont have plugin transform..
    hmm can i’m find free this plugin ??

  • Great tut for me is the ost powerful plugin for C4D
    My video

  • pedro tinnirello June 18, 2012 at 3:30 am

    would you please make a tutorial on how to use the optic flares? ]=

  • what about texturing each chunk with some images just like in the Bourne trailer?
    some suggestions about to achieve this effect?

  • just followed the tut!!! and came up with this !!!

  • thnx For the tutorial…:P 🙂

  • Hi Nick great tutorial! Would it be also possible to map different images on individual chunks as in the trailer?

  • Hey how would you add a video to the materials like in the example all the clips on the pieces… that would be interesting.

  • Hi Nick – i got a little problem in after effects with this tutorial. when i add a new solid the final render from c4d becomes unseen unless i drag it to the top. same with the optical flares. i cant get both the flares on the left and right side of the frame to play together-i can only get one in the final render. pls help.

  • Hi nick,
    for some reason when I applied the CAMERA IN preset and select the transition to IN, it comes in from the top like from the Y space instead of the Z space. Any suggestions. Thanks.


  • can anyone tell me if i can change the direction from the camera in effect?
    the chunks are coming just from the top and it seems i can t control that.
    can you tell me if it is posible?

  • Amazing. I only had trouble with flares :/ when i added them they lookes really ugly, but in the video they looked really nice..

  • Hi Nick i figured it out. Great video btw. Take a look at what i ended up with.

  • Hey how do I import the project from C4D to After Effects. When i import all the tiff files they import separately. How do i group them.

  • I was very glad to discover this site on yahoo.I wanted to say thanks to you with regard to this wonderful article!! I undoubtedlyliked every little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to look into new stuff you post.

  • Hey please can you help.

    I’ve just switched to a new machine. Duplicated my old one… all plugins in C4D R13 work except Transform.
    I apply motext, shape etc, select ‘chunk’ and refresh but no animation happens. nothing at all. The original shape is still fully visible as well (no red lights or cross).

    Please can you suggest a fix?

    i have the ‘Transform’ folder in my plugins folder. It is the R13 version.

  • Great stuff dude. And good work with this new plugin.

    Professional After effects templates

  • when I compose tiff images in AE, render view in Ae showin bunch of squares boxes instead f actual animation? does anyone help me with this!!!!!!!

  • Had some more fun with super text! Would love to be able to break the geometry apart in different configurations, like strips, random sizes, patterns, noise etc. Keep up the great work!

  • Is it possible to use multiple effects on one object? Say I wanted a combination of the Splinter effect and the Swarm effect on the same object at the same time…and wanted the Splinter effect to be modified my the Swarm Effect. This would be very helpful. Is it possible?

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