Build A Realtime Aerodynamic Flight Simulator in Cinema 4D

November 16, 2012

In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to build a realtime flight simulator using R14’s new Aerodynamic settings and a dash of Xpresso. At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to fly around your 3D scene in realtime including steering and even weapons capabilities. It’s a pretty fun way to learn now to use the new Aerodynamics. Have fun flying!

Example Video


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  • A $3,695.00 flightsimulator…I love it!

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    you are too cool!!!!

    Also, I think you solved a problem Iwas having with a little thing I have been making with Gears and Xpresso. Wanted a easy way to make gears resize and still work in the right Ratio

    Was having a problem with the Gears jumping after they turn 90o but after i seen you talk about not using global rotation and just using rotation it clicked !! that’s whats wrong.

    Here it is if you want to take a look at it.
    its really neat if you put other splines inside it and put them in a loft NERBS
    Well I think it cool cause I made it
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

  • What a badass Chris is!
    Thanks man!
    – S

  • It really made me laugh, was so good!

  • This is simply awesome, hats off to Chris for this tut ! We couldn’t resist putting up this tut at CGHelpline :

  • Chris you are insane! The sexy kind of insane! πŸ˜›

  • Great tutorial Chris. I once made the same thing, but only with a rigged car. And like your result, its cool to be able to steer and avoid obstacles in real time. The only difference is, mine didn’t had guns, ill have to work on that…

  • That in awesome…

  • Your mind is fun Chris. I always enjoy watching you create. Thanks guys for the site.

  • I love how practical this is

  • Cool Idea. Anyone know how to set keypresses to trigger things in Xpresso?
    It would be cool to control the planes movements with the arrow keys instead of dragging the sphere around.

    • I don’t know craft animations does it some how.
      it worked well in 3ds Max it says for C4d but only version R11 sadly looks like
      I would guess they do it that way not sure.

  • he just made a game in c4d thats awesome

  • I paused the video for about half an hour to figure out the glitchy ground problem before you brought it up.. Secretly relieved you didn’t fix it in the minute after πŸ™‚
    I moved the plane down for a centimeter, that did it for me. I think having the plane and the floor at the exact same height caused the problem.
    Having a load of fun with another great tutorial! Thanks!


  • Hi Guys,

    A tutorial would be nice about this:

    I have no idea how to do it with C4D. Do you?



    • Just thrausi plugin to cut out the geometry, some thinking particle, an Attractor and some smoke with your best compositor software, and there we go ! πŸ™‚ if you look at VideoCopilot they made a tutorial where they break a glass sphere, from where I took the idea of adding particles to the effect instead of cutting the geometry to tinny pieces!

  • Your brain is scrambled Chris. I love it!
    Thanks for a great fun tutorial.

  • Awsome.Crazy Stuff !

    As allways learning a lot from your Tutorial, THX.

  • Nice!

    I wondering if with this new aerodynamics it’s possible to make a magazine template… (?)
    I mean, more realistic paper movements… like these on this pictures:

    Maybe in the future, you could do something like that!

  • This a great tutorial…. I’m just learning the whole process of this wonderful world of 3d animation.
    It is great.

  • Is it possible to record that stuff to keyframes?

  • Aerodynamics in C4D is great … now we can make cars with suspension, engine, and real aerodynamic spoilers πŸ™‚

  • Hi, Loved this tutorial, had loads of fun with it. I was wondering if you guys knew of a way to take this a little further by setting up some sort of scoring system with Xpresso and displaying that score in the viewport?


    • of course, you can add some collision detection, and whenever a bullet hits a box you add it to the float and add the float in the screen, Xpresso is awesome πŸ˜€ !

  • Keep them coming
    I got mine to fly!!

    You are fantastic!


  • hey Chris, how could you forget follow position on the force tab of the rigid body tag that would help you instead of adding a negative gravity .

  • Hey guys am new to 4d and am just learning through your tutorials (which are great by the way) but for some reason on my 4d simulate menu the dynamics option doesn’t show up is there a reason for this??


  • Is there a way to export it with its capabilities, like a standalone game?

  • Hi, can the scene be key framed while flying so it can be rendered later? I’d like to fly my own aircraft I made but be able to render the animated flight sequence afterwards.


  • fully rigged glider, real fly sim

    I did it 3 yeas ago πŸ™‚

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