Building and Animating a Hexagon Landscape In Cinema 4D

October 18, 2016

Learn some advanced mograph techniques in this Cinema 4D Tutorial.

What we are going to make


About This Video:
In this video, Chris shows you how to use mograph tools to create a fully animatable landscape in Cinema 4D. We’ll cover advanced uses of Effectors including the mysterious Weight Transform parameter. A particularly interesting use for blend mode inside a cloner. Interestingly this tutorial was recorded over two years ago but somehow got lost in the shuffle!

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  • Awesome video thank you !
    I also keep a minecraft buckup 😉

  • Hi, when i put the camera, the effector doesn’t travel to the world

    which could be my mistake?


  • Hey Chris, awesome tutorial, as always.

    Just a thought, instead of switching the hex grid cloner off and on, I just used checked the “render instances” box. Speeds up the view massively.

  • great tutorial understand a bit about the blend mode now going to go back to the beautiful bridge in the frost tutorial

  • Thanks for the awesome tutorial, really great techniques in here.

    Did anyone have any ideas about how to get the path to roll out like in the sample video?

  • Fantastic tutorial! Very inspiring.

  • thanks you

  • Thank you Chris. Very inspiring content.

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