Bulge Deformer

August 26, 2011

In this short video, I show you how to setup and use the bulge deformer in Cinema 4D. I always wanted to learn more about the deformers. So, I hope to slowly make short tutorials on how to use them. Stay tuned for more.


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  • I saw something similar on a poster, it’s nice to know how the do that.

  • Hey Nick, sounds like there is a constant popping (about 10 times per second) in the audio. Am I the only one hearing this?

    • No, I heard it too. Sorry about that. I have to do some testing on my audio rig when I get home. Sorry for the noise.

      • i think you need a bit of relaxing 😛
        you must have been everywhere lately…
        i hope you atleast had a vocation this summer.

      • Hey Nick,
        Im 15 and am thinking about going to college/University and wanted to something around designing/modeling/making with programs such as After Effects and Cinema 4D.
        Want kind of education did you do and do you know of any that sound good?
        P.S. I live in the Uk.

        • Go get a liberal arts degree anywhere and learn the software at home.

          • What Nick said. The likes of After Effects and Cinema4D are just the tools of an artist as much as a real Pencil or Brush is.

            My background started in first taking Art Foundation, moving to Graphic Design (Loughborough University, UK) where I learned the keys to design and creativity and spent my spare time learning how to use new tools like After Effects and I’m now moving in to the likes of Colour Grading having taken a full time position as an Editor and Animator at a top design agency in Manchester.

            We had someone interested in spending some time with us here who was studying animation/motion graphics as a degree but although he had some good technical knowledge, his design skills were severely lacking and a result his work just looked poor so as Nick said says, get a background in Art/Design to hone your creativity and the rest is just learning how to use tools to create your work with which you can do anywhere, anytime.

            I assume, being 15 you will soon to be taking GCSEs? Art (or similar) should be top of the list and then taking it on to A level. You can then look to apply for Art/Design courses at Uni with typically the best being at the London Universities although still plenty of other great places in the UK for Art/Design outside of London too but worry about that closer to the time. Good luck!

  • bulge deformer sounds like slang for a painful situation…

  • you really lovee orange men

  • hi nick, very nice work looks great!
    would it be possible for you to share the file with us so we can see how you got this great lighting? thanks.

  • Have you played with Robert’s Leger Xdeformer preset? The deformer preset from Robert Leger is fantastic and super easy to use. http://xpressopresets.net/xdeformers/ Only down side is you can only use it on Polygonal Objects for now.

  • love the material. is this the same way as you did the abstract tut? Did you place a fresnel shader in the luminance channel?

  • Looks more like Harley-Davidson logo to me :DDD

  • HDR stud?o r?g and seamless floor???

  • The bulge on the face of the type is something I’ve been looking for. Argh! I can’t get the effect using the Connect Object. I get junk with no bulge! Nick, is there more to the trick? Does it only work with certain typefaces? Your tutorials are great! You’ve been a big help!

    • Yeah my type face looked awful when i used the Connect Object too.. I did try different type, phong angles, regular grid, blah blah.. nothing helped.. oh well.. I am sure its something simple that I overlooked..

    • Adding the connect Object onto the text allows the “phong” tag to see the entire object as one. Normally text objects are made up of 3 objects the extrude, and then 2 different caps. the phong tag smooths the surface of objects. If for some reason things look messed up, try reducing the phong angle in the phong tag. Also check that weld check-box is on in the connect object.


      • Also check you have the phong tag on the Text Object, or on the connect object. the effect is rather slight and may only be visible when the text is reflecting something.
        Hope this helps.

    • You have to have some fillet caps otherwise the connect and phong won’t play together.

      Thanks for the tips Nick, can’t wait for the next one!

  • try turning up the subdivisions a bit… i think it creates more geometry which lessens the effect but im not really sure! im sure nick will give u the right answer in a bit

  • Wow! I used this to recreate your gumball machine! It worked perfectly!

  • Related tip for using deformers:
    One of my favorite/most useful scripts when working with deformers, “Fi Deformer to Object” – >> basically sizes the deformer to fit the boundary of the objects it’s deforming.

    Very handy.
    I found it here:

    • nice one, thanks. I always manually size the deformer’s bounding box to fit the object, so that I can control it more precisely. that’s cool that there’s a script to speed it up.

  • Do one on Squish and stretch
    if you havenot done one already And i love the Idea of you going through each deformer !

  • It made me think of Hampton Inn than White Castle… but that’s just me. Great tip though 🙂

  • very interesting and useful for me, i have a small project to finish for the end of the month and i think i will use this deformer

    thx a lot dude

  • Wow nice tut.
    Can you make a tutorial with the Camera deformer to i saw someone using it in a animation it gives really cool effects.

  • Hi Nick,where is the bone deformer in cinema 4d R12.I can’t find it 🙁

  • WOW thanks Nick, i was waiting For something like this.

  • Could you do a tutorial on the sphereify deformer, whenever i use it at 100% strength it flattens the object. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help fix this problem? :/

  • Great as always, you orange loving you! 🙂
    The only downside is what is wrong with the sound? I hear some “tickering” annoyance in the background of the sound!

  • If anyone could please just take a look at my site, I’d greatly appreciate it! http://agtdesign.moonfruit.com/

  • Hmm, this may seem like a stupid suggestion, but sometimes there isnt enough geometry to deform. Try subdividing your object. IE, cubes start out with 6 polys, so just add more on the X, Y, and Z, and it should become spherical. Here’s a pic:

  • That’s pretty kewl! Orange suits well with your site 🙂 Keep em coming!

  • Guys could you help me with the orange glossy shiney text nick is using ? 2 days i’ve trying to get the same result of the text but with no luck. !! thank you appreciate your help.

  • THX
    It’s good tutorials but not advance

  • hey nick there is something wrong with the reflection in the
    example ! the B and D take a look at them 😉

  • Cristian Valverde August 28, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Didn’t know about Connect Object features… tutorials about it wourld really be apreciated, gorilla!

  • How do you get the reflections on the side i always have problems with text and textures and materials.

  • Where’s Hair Tutorial ??

  • what’s the font you used ?

  • Hi Nick,
    good tutorial – the connect object was fairly new to me. I Always thought its a boring hangover from the old C4D days 😉

    To me it looks like there are some incorrect reflections on the letters to the left. Is this because of the HDRI or an error with the the geometry?

    • HI illd, I think the incorrect reflection are due to the connect object itself, when you apply it to a text you’ll see some breaks on some letters like G or O so it’s not perfectly weld. It is just a guess.

      • change the number of ‘Steps’ on the ‘Caps’ tab to like 4 and you’ll get some nice results.
        sorry for bad english

  • Great tut Nick, love the color

  • You’re right. Deformers are very useful. But there’s no so complete tutorials like this. You make it look easy. Good job.

  • Hi Nick,
    thank you for all the great tutorials. I have a question about the “Connect Objects Effect” what makes the text look like a candy bubble thing.
    I want do do this on an extrude nurbs object but it dont work. Do you have an idea how to do this?

    thanks, emil

  • Help me I have a problem. C4D R12
    My laptop is Dell vosto
    window 7 64 bit

    Unable to open the program. There is a message that
    “Application Error! More information can be found under ‘C:\Users\Tuck\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA4D
    R12_FA70971A\_bugreports\_BugReport.txt’! After clicking OK scene files will be save as ‘_bugreports/_recovery_xxx.c4d’ ”
    I install window 2 times and it still has the same problem.
    Programe maya, but I can use it well.

    I do not know how to solve it.
    Thank yous

    • hey Tuck. Did you try both executables? I mean (CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe and CINEMA 4D.exe). And do you have any plugins installed ? if so, remove and try again.

      • Thanks asotrak for the suggestion.
        I try both executables. But the message was the same. I try to use the Program on the PC. Works well. I’m not sure. Or anything that is not support.

  • Permission Nick.
    I would like the area.I tell my problem.
    My English is not good. I am asian .

  • hey nick..you are the reason i started using cinema 4d thanks for being a great teacher

  • how can i use cuda technology in cinema 4d?

  • Hey dude!

    Thanks for the tutorial, it’s very cool.

    I would like you to see the results applied …

    Greetings from Mexico City

    enjoy …


  • Hi Nick,

    I just started out on Cinema 4d and currently feel like a kid in a great toy store.

    Just wanted to say the way you present your tutorial are very inspiring. Your full of energy, amazing, making me want to learn more!!!

    Greetings from the UK


  • thanks Nik. I hope you’ll do some other deformers tuts, because I have a lot a problems with them

  • Hey Nick- That seamless floor rig, how did you set that up? Maybe an Update to your 1.5 Light Studio? 😉

  • Nice I like this, however I can’t animate the deformers in action when adjusting the strength value. I tried quick with record position but it didn’t work. How would I do this?


  • your work is kickass man

  • Dallan Orlando Martínez Herrera March 10, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Hola Nick, excelentes tus trabajos, eres un gran profesor.

    Nick es posible que elabores un tutorial, sobre este mismo pero desde el inicio, el material la iluminación. El Sky, el estudio todo seria sensacional.


  • Hey Nick!

    This may be a dumb question, but I’m using Cinema 4D version 11.5 and I have 18 different deformers. I’m looking to use the “jiggle” deformer and that is not one of the deformers included in my version of cinema. I thought this was a deformer that was included in an earlier version. Do you know if there are additional deformers that can be purchased separately or are they available for free use somewhere? Also thanks so much for your tutorials. They are sick nasty.


  • i love your design i mean text design , i do really follow your work is really inspire me , you my mentor.

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