Testing Cinema 4D and Redshift Speed on a Windows PC

January 17, 2019

Nick loads up Cinema 4D for the first time on his new PC. Watch him compare speeds of C4D’s Physical render on the CPU and Redshift on the GPU.

In an attempt to catch up in the render wars, I finally get to use Redshift for Cinema 4D on my new PC. This is the first time loading up C4D and using Redshift on my new computer.

If you are interested in following along with my Mac to PC journey, check out the previous videos:

In this video, you will see me fire up Cinema 4D and open some studios with Light Kit Pro 3. Then we will try rendering in Physical before hopping over into Redshift. You’ll also see me dabble in animation in the first time in a long time, as I no longer have to wait hours to create animated scenes.

I’m not gonna lie, this was a lot of fun, and I’m totally blown away by how fast I can get results. Let’s hop in.

Looking for the plugins and tools mentioned in the video? Here you go.

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  • Hi Nick! I recommend you this amazing article from School Of Motion


    It would help you to have the features from Mac to PC, like Finder, space bar preview and ProRes format

  • I would love to see you do a test render of the same file on your new PC vs Chads new PC. I don’t know much on the computer side of things so I’d love to see just how much faster chads setup is. Cheers!

  • Use F11 for fullscreen

  • I’m in the same boat. Longtime Mac user trying to make do with an aging 2012 Mac Pro, waiting to see whether Apple comes out with a decent Mac Pro this year. If not, I’m switching. My main reservation IS the Finder functionality, specifically the (apparent) inability of the Windows File Explorer to sort EVERYTHING by date. AFAIK it can only sort individual files and then folders by date; you can’t get a list that intermixes solo files and folders by date. That will drive me crazy because I’m always looking for the most recent iteration of a project file.

  • Nick welcome to PC a lot of problems! 20 yers working on Mac platform, and never again transition on PC!

  • Apple Mac Pro, who cares what you use. You used a PC 20 years ago, What would you know about PC now? Quit being such a fan boy.

  • Thanks for great demo! I’m looking into using a eGPU off my iMac to Redshift to a second monitor. I’m hoping that’s the best of both worlds for me, Mac which I’m used to and Redshift.

  • Thanks for the video. Did you ever consider a hackintosh or work around using MacOS? If so, what were your reservations in particular in doing this and the reasons a PC won you over?

    I appreciate Redshift isn’t compatible with an off the shelf mac GPU but, curious to know why a customised/compatible eGPU for Mac didn’t win you over?

    I’ve used Apple for the past 15 years, bought an iMac Pro last year (which was fast but typically restrictive being apple), ditched that for a specced up PC (which is double the speed). My dilemma isn’t the core rendering that suffers but my general workflow.

    The PC environment is so frustratingly finnicky for me that it actually feels like I’m less productive. Even though render times are sliced in half it’s the nuances of my general workflow which take the hit and add up to the bigger picture. Things like Finder, Airport, Airplay, Touch Gestures (to name a few) are things that add convenience to my day and PC is so far behind on all that I’m almost certainly moving to a Hackintosh.

    Just thought I’d ask if this was a consideration for you and whether or not you’re feeling the same pinch?

  • “Apple Mac Pro, who cares what you use. You used a PC 20 years ago, What would you know about PC now? Quit being such a fan boy.”

    That’s not what he means… he’s saying he HAD transitions at some point recently… as I did. And found out that it’s a horrible mess still of ancient DLLs, 32/64bit hacks and 2 whole system schemas – classic and Metro(ish) so have switched back with a Mac mini and eGPU. And it’s back to awesome again… there is one major problem at the moment and that’s no Nvidia drivers on the latest OS but they will come.

    I also have a Macbook pro with an Nvidia 2080 RTX on eGPU and that does do redshift really well.

    The stupid thing about a lot of this is that Cinema doesn’t use Multithreading on a load of stuff… so it doesn’t matter what you use.

    And the irony is if you use a fully integrated renderfarm like rebus farm you get back in a hour what would have taken days even on redshift.

    So the point is don’t be a child and call people fan boys. It’s not about that it’s the absolute truth that you don’t have nearly so many problems on a mac that you do on a PC – sure they are expensive but you pay for the ease of use and resale value.

  • Well, I just spent about 150 hours over the last 15 days testing render engines (Corona, Redshift & Arnold CPU) on Mac and PC. I’m buying Redshift. BUT, I just couldn’t go Windows (I work with and build both but my daily drive has been a Mac for 33 years). So, I was very surprised to find after about 30 hours of testing that running Redshift on either my 2013 8-core Mac Pro with eGPU via Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter, or in my 2010 12-core Mac Pro (in the PCIe 2 x16 slot), or my 8-core i7 8700K OC to 4.5GHz PC (PCIe 3 x16 slot) had less than 5% performance variation on final renders and I would say, anecdotally, maybe 15% IPR performance.

    The short story is I am now running my 2013 Mac Pro (with High Sierra): DUAL GTX1080TIs via two eGPUs purely for render (no displays attached) and using the internal D700 to drive dual 2560×1440 displays via Displayport. It is a rock solid production ready workstation. The only “compromise” is I have to plug the eGPU Thunderbolt cables in AFTER I boot up and login to my account.

    As I write, Redshift is rendering a pretty heavy 1080p test sequence at 12 sec / frame in the background (about x20 Corona’s speed), I’m half watching/listening to Chad’s Youtube Redshift tutorial and writing this post at the same time. What more would you want….oh yeah… I will be trying 3 & 4 eGPUs!!

  • PC is shit!! New MacPro is amazing!!!

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