Camera Mapping and Projection in Cinema 4D Part 1

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In part one of this tutorial, I show you how to set up a camera projected scene in Cinema 4D using a photograph. Then we animate the letters using Mograph 2 and light the scene by using a combonation of Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion.

In Part Two of the tutorial, I will show you how to set up this scene for multi-pass rendering, Depth of Field and for compositing in After Effects.


Final Result

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  • Fantastic tutorial thank you!

    I have the same question as Yiannis. How do I add a reflection to the floor plane – whilst not affecting the original image. If the floor was a reflective surface, not grass. How do I get the text to reflect on the floor?

    Please help

    • Al agregar una reflexión ya estas alterando una de las características del material como tal. Aun así la imagen de ese plano seguira siendo la misma. No se a que llamas alterar. Tal ves tu respuesta este en cuadrar de una mejor manera el brillo y el tipo de reflexión que usas, para encontrar el efecto deseado.

  • I was wondering if there is a tutorial where to camera map a cityscape. Something like a 3D looking city. I have trying with AE importing vpe from PS but it goes too slowly. Perhaps there is a better way with C4D for buldings etc.

  • I made this tutorial some time ago with v11.5. I´m trying to do it again with v12 and Mograph doesn´t behave the same way. Letters are always connected.It seems a block. What can i do to break into individual letters using only one Mograph text object? Thanks!

    • I don’t know if it’s still relevant for you as you’ve posted this 6 months ago, but I just ran into the same problem with R12 now so I thought I’d comment.
      You need to go into the MoText controls, under the Dynamics Body tab, open the Collision tab and turn the ‘Individual Elements’ to ‘All’.

  • Hi Nick. I noticed that you didn’t change your Stochastic Sambles and Record density under your global illumination settings back to medium before your render. Was that intentional so that it would render faster for the tutorial or do you normally leave it a low?

  • I coudent see the tutorial.

    any one help me?

  • Hello, any idea how to achieve camera movement without scaling textures in r12??

  • Got way lost right from the start. Maybe you could include your source files so it’s a little easier to duplicate what you’re doing

  • If anyone else is going barking mad trying to follow along and is desperate for the photo used in this tutorial. Here is a link to it
    How did i find it ? Well i noted the name of the file when he opens his file browser, typed it into google, and Voila, along came flickr with the image. Clever right 😀

  • This tutorial isn’t for all beginners. I had to learn a few things in Cinema 4D b4 I could fully wrap my head around some of these concepts. Now that I understand the program more, this Tut was a breeze to understand!!! Excellent BTW! Keep up the excellent work Nick!!

  • I learnt cinema 4d for u only…
    Thank u very much …

  • Question Nick,

    I’m hoping you can help. I can’t seem to figure out how do a “front” camera projection without seeing the dark grey geometry in my renders. Setting the projection side to “both” wont work for me in this situation.
    I’m sort of in a bind.


  • hey nick question is this the same method on doing face camera sought of a 3d face camera projection im trying it with a 3d mesh shape and i projected the face to it but when i move the pic doesnt move with the image am i doing something wrong i could do it with other things like a house or building but not face on a 3d object could you the way i love this tutorial and the others

  • Hi, could you give me the subtitle of the video! Because I speak Spanish! And it will be easier to translate the subtitles in your language! Please! Greetings from Uruguay! I leave my mail:

  • Hey Gorilla. So, I have worked a lot in Apple’s motion, and whenever I build a 3D space out of an image, I have to correctly align it’s sides with the other just to make sure it is fluid. But, when I did this tutorial all I had to do was copy and past a new plane and then rotate the plane, but I didn’t physically have to move the image inside of that plane. Can you please explain to me how it knows what to do with the image and correctly align it. How is the grass not in the sky, how is the roof not on the floor? Is this a setting, or is this just what happens when you do frontal projection? Thanks, and I plan to catch up to your tutorials soon! Just started like a week ago.

  • i love your tuts dude they hv helpd me right from time….but can’t we hv a youtube version of these videos, vimeo sucks here…thanks..

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  • Nick. Just wanted to say THANKS for all this amazing information. You have helped me get into a world of imaging I didn’t think I ever thought i’d touch. But this stuff is very cool.

    Can you do the same thing with a live action moving video to put this into? I’m very new at this and was wanting to try to use the awesome abilities you have helped me with , to do my own logo for my films.

    Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • Hey Nick! Thank you first of all for your work and for your kindness to all of C4D lovers. And specially for your incredible understanding tutorials ))) I have one idea after this one. Tomorrow i’ve read some information about cool feature – special Time track in timeline in C4D (I have 13 version, don’t know about presenting this in 12). I want to learn how to stop dynamics at any time and move camera across freeze scene, but can’t do it yet, unfortunatelly. So, how do you think, can this feature be helpful for first trouble in this tutorial with slow letters falling? Can we apply this special track to only text animation, not to camera moving track, rise its value, and have faster falling WITHOUT scaling the scene? Or can we just rise g=9,8 m/s or rise weight of letters? What is possibilities of Mograph? What do you think?
    Peace, Azaz2005

  • Could you potentially re-visit this tutorial and update the process using Projectionman and something perhaps a bit more challenging than the house shot? 🙂

  • Having an issue using Camera mapping texture setting. It doesnt seem to work at all. It is only visible in the frontal setting is this is not what I want. could you tell me why this is happing? Has anyone on here faced this problem?

  • Hi Nick ! thanks for the amazing tutorial
    I wanted to to do a mockup of a projector in cinema ( according to its real throw distance values ) for a projection mapping project so i could see how many projectors i would need for the space i’m using beforehand. Could it be done using camera mapping? if not then what else could be useful?

  • Hi Nick! Can you help me and explain, why after adding step effector and changin its settings, letters animation becomes different in viewport and picture viewer renders? How can I fix it?

  • When I try to let the text bounce on the floor, it just goes straight through the floor… How do I fix this?

  • Hee hello there.
    I finished part 1 & 2 but i got a problem. I have a car thats driving through a tunnel. And i dont get any shadows on the road of that car. How can i fix this ?
    If you want i can upload it and maybe you can help.. I`m really wondering what it can be.. thanks for the help in advance and i hope to get a reply.

    Goodbye from the netherlands.

  • Hey Gorilla

    This is a great tutorial I loved doing it, but I just wanted to point out when you get to the rigid body for the me the text still didn’t separate.

    No worries I was able to find the fix…. just wanted to point out that if other people are having this issue the solution is: Go to the COLLISION tab and select the INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS tab from OFF to ALL and that will separate the text for you

    Thanks again Gorilla

  • Hello Nick,

    Thank you for the tutorial..
    I have some issue with the background image…whenever i try to scale or position my polygon it disappears in the background image. Is there a way to increase the background image distance from the camera?
    Also I am new to cinema 4D so can you please explain the steps to do it.


  • You go way too fast and forget to exlplain many things in your tutorials. For instance TURNING LEGACY ON in the Options/Configure/Back/World grid menu in this tutorial, so you can align the grid to the picture properly!! But thnx anyway…

  • I know you say you can use any photo but it would really help me if I had access to the image you used. Where can I download? Does anyone have it?

    Thank you

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