Cards Against Humanity Behind The Scenes and Signal Preview From NAB 2014

May 1, 2014


In this video, recorded by Cineversity at NAB 2014, I will show you some behind the scenes of a project we helped make with Cards Against Humanity for the Bigger Blacker Box. Then, at minute 15, I preview Greyscalegorilla’s upcoming animation plugin called Signal. Sign up for the Signal Newsletter to learn more as we prepare to launch this new animation tool.

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  • That was pretty informative!

  • To stay in tune with Maxon’s animation recording keyframes, I would suggest NOT putting a big yellow X through Signal’s tag icon, but put a big red dot, like when Cinema sets a keyframe. Your big yellow X suggests there is something wrong or missing imho.

  • Harrison Karlin May 1, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Can’t believe I didn’t know about camera morph. On my last few projects I’ve been switching between cameras thinking about how nice it would be to use the between-camera transitions as a final camera move. Sure enough it exists already. Awesome!

  • Signal looks like an awesome plugin, but as a hobbyist who cannot afford to constantly update an expensive program like Cinema 4D I am disappointed that it will only run in version R14 and above. It seemed like there was a significant change in the program with R13 that separated out a lot of previous compatibilities and I was wondering why Signal won’t work in R13?

    Please, if at all possible, make Signal compatible with R13.

  • signal will NOT be compatible with r13 ????????……….. oh Nick please say it isn’t so…………..

    • Steve, I’m only going by what Nick said in the video concerning compatibility – as in R14 and higher. Hopefully we R13 users will be pleasantly surprised.

  • A sound deformer would be awsome with this.

  • Thats really cool !

  • Hey, Nick, great presentation as always, but where did you get that killer Maxon black t-shirt? Gotta have one of those.

  • Signal looks like a massive time saver! Great stuff!

  • animating stuffs never been soo easy like this, I might need it!
    and it’s true about “I don’t know how to sculpt, but I really want to animate the heck of it!” because we have the same issue lol ;D

  • Tobias Steiner May 2, 2014 at 10:59 am

    I only have one question. When?

    We could use something like this….yesterday. 😀

  • So that’s what you guys were up to. I thought it had been a bit quiet around here. (not that all the guest tuts weren’t great)

    Question: For someone that doesn’t know much about scripts…. The scripts that you were using for Signal, are they all created in XPresso? or do you write them in Python/Coffee? Right click and save tag preset??

    ie: Is there an easy way to save/reuse/trade animations that you created and might want to reuse in the future.
    I’m sure this will probably be covered when its actually released.. but I was just curious

  • Signal looks AWESOME! I can’t wait for its release! I can think of a lot of things I want to use it to experiment with . . .

  • I love it. Awesome toy. I want one.

  • This will change the 3D world as we know it (Or at least how I work with it). Great job!

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