Change Your Look with LUTs in Redshift for Cinema 4D

January 18, 2018

In this Quick Tip, Chad Ashley of Greyscalegorilla demonstrates how to load Gorilla Grade LUTs in Redshift’s Render View.

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  • Hello. This is Mister Me from Germany.

    Does this mean that the LUT’s do not render and that I have to reuse them in the comp? No Output

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen. C.G.
    PS: I love your work

    • Currently, Redshift only applies the LUTs in the Renderview as a display LUT. They will not be baked into your render. I imagine at some point they may add that function. Thanks for watching!

  • Hi, i use RS on a mac. Do you know if this fonction is available? I can’t find it. Thank you vert much

  • Hey Chad,

    little bit off topic but have you ever had problems with Redshift Materials and the Shader Graph Editor being super slow and laggy?

    Every time i open up a Material in the Editor and click on different nodes it has serious lags and it´s really making it hard for me to work that way

  • Hello Chad

    what are your thoughts/experience with redshift and X-particles..

    • Redshift has decent integration with XP. It’s also getting better with every update. Though I must say Cycles and Arnold still outdo Redshift when it comes to how well they work with XP. thanks for the comment!

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