Chris Schmidt: Advanced and Unusual ways of using C4D’s HAIR

September 3, 2015

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In this presentation from Siggraph 2015, Chris Schmidt presents this tutorial on Advanced and Unusual ways of using C4D’s HAIR.

Chris Schmidt: Advanced and Unusual ways of using C4D’s HAIR

Siggraph 2015 Rewind – Chris Schmidt: Advanced and Unusual ways of using C4D’s HAIR from Cineversity.


  • This is such a comprehensive and surprising use of hair! A thousand Thanks to Chris for this presentation.

  • I request a tutorial on that frost effect. It looks way to cool to be so under explained as it is in this video. 🙂

  • The best C4d presentation on Siggraph this year!
    Thanks Chris!

  • Yo Chris, you have to check out this:

    you can make selection on the polygons of the hair, then add more hair…

  • Hi Chris…. Awosme… as always….

    I have a problem with hair and it’s getting me crazy.

    I have a miniom, I’ve put some hair on it, and when I move then minion, the hair doesn’t move with it.

    If I create a semisphere and I do the same with hair… it works well.

    ¿What I’m I doing wrong?

    P.D.: Do you want me I send you the proyect?
    Thnx Indeed….

  • Great use of hair with instances, lots of possibilities there… Question though; is it at all possible to then apply a material with multi-shader to those hair instances (for instance by using a random effector, preferably without making the hair object editable), in order to get more variation?

  • Can’t thank you guys enough for these tutorials.

  • Hi Chris,
    is it possible to Render out Alpha channels of X-Particles Trails textured/generated with Hair? It seems like this is a big Problem.

    I know that it is possible to generate Alpha Channels from Hair. It is also possible to generate Alpha Channels of Trais in X-Particles that are textured with the xp Material.

    But my Problem is that I textured the xp-trails with an Hair Material. And that doesn’t work. Do you have any experiences with that problem?

    Greets and keep up the great work

  • Hi,
    I have a question about “hair render”. In c4d R13 there are settings for AA Quality, Sampling and Type to set up. Where are these settings in c4d R15, R16 or R17?

  • where are the hair settings for “Raster8Bit/Pixel and AA Best/Type: Smooth”?
    I want to smooth the hair edges in c4d higher than R13.
    home someone can help. thanks again

  • Chris you rock.

  • I’m glad I looked up the reference “Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal”.

  • Chris, Great tutorial. I love how fast hair works and how much control there is.

    One thing I noticed is that around 27:00 when I added transparency to the rocket flames, I had to turn on the Physical Renderer to see anything. Standard killed the hair effect completely.

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